What's NEXT!?!

TugtetguT 1946

For the final official GnK I played this list together with an Apocalypse Val list.

Shout out to Vicarin/Phantom who inspired me to revisit my favourite ICE-suite in NEXT with the newest addition of NEXT Diamond. He has been playing a similar deck on J-net for many weeks.

The deck plays very straight forward. The most important thing is to avoid playing a blank 12 Inf ID, so best to see 2-3 pieces of ICE in your opening 5. The best opener is 3 ICE and a Rashida.

With a good opening hand, you rush to 4-6 points and then start jamming NGO's/MCA AP's until your opponent can't/doesn't contest it anymore. Even with only 8 agendas you usually have something to score or something to put/click in the remote. MCA AP is simply a ridiculous win condition and if it wasn't for the weakness of the HB faction in general it would probably be restricted. (I hope)

The biggest weakness of HB is that their is ICE mostly toothless and aggressive running is hard to punish. Bryan Stinson and Next Diamond helps with this. Also you need a ridiculous amount of money to rez and install 20 pieces of ICE!

There might be argument in playing 2 Batty and only 1 Stinson as the deck is rich as is, but Stinson is best early game and Batty is best late game so I went with this.

Other piloting/deck things are mostly just realising how hard you have to rush against which opponents. Geist and Install Shaper-decks are MU's you definitely don't want to let into the late game, as they just break your ICE with ridiculous efficiency.

The deck performed very well at the GnK and helped me win a sweet Apex ID for my binder.