Spikey AgInfusion (1st Place Utah Regional)

AkAnderson 483

This is the deck that I used to win my second regional this season. It did not give up a single game, going 3/3 in swiss (not counting a store champ bye) and 2/2 in the cut. I didn't expect to kill any runners on the day, mainly using the net damage to slow them down. However, three out of five wins were due to flatline.

Before I get into the deck I want to give a big thanks to the Colorado and Idaho players that made it to our regional. Really cool group of people and it was amazing to see such a great out of town turn up.

All credit belongs to @yeoda. He told me to take this deck and helped me test and refine it. The x2 Sweeps was his idea and it was amazing seeing as how I played against 4 Andy decks. This deck is really strong and you're really favored against criminal, so I lucked out pretty hard on the day with a solid meta call.

The deck was having a difficult time against multi-access so that is where the two Snares come in. If the runner accesses an Obokata and then a Snare in the same dig, that's going to be gg 99% of the time (which is exactly how the grand final game ended).

I'm honestly not sure what I would change here. The econ feels perfect, the ice is perfect, the agenda suite is perfect. Having the single 3/2 allows you to bluff a Caprice or Snare and really put some pressure on the runner. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions or want more details on the deck or games!

6 Aug 2017 kata124

Congrats on the win. Snare is a good card.

6 Aug 2017 Tomasaki

Why two sweeps?

6 Aug 2017 AkAnderson

@TomasakiSo you can double sweeps Andy on turn 1!!!!

6 Aug 2017 FightingWalloon

When Celebrity Gift and Restructure rotate out, do you think the economy can be salvaged?

6 Aug 2017 AkAnderson

@FightingWalloon Sweeps will go at the same time sooooo.... I dunno. Maybe? I don't think the deck can function on drip econ, so we'll have to see if some other burst econ comes out.

6 Aug 2017 Fruggles

Yo congrats on the win dude!

7 Aug 2017 yeoda

hey man. credit goes to a ton more people. Namely Cavis. :)

Congrats my man! strong player with strong choices. brave to go 2 Snare! glad it got so many kills.

7 Aug 2017 AkAnderson

@Fruggles Thanks homie!

@yeoda I'll give credit to whoever wants it, I'm just happy I won :D Let's give it to Zardu Hasselfrau.