TBB's Comrades CtM (1st Swiss, 7th Worlds)

TheBigBoy 8865

This is my version of Team Comrades' CtM. I took it to first in swiss and 7th overall at Worlds. It won every single game until I was eliminated on it in the cut by Seamus' Hayley.

For footage of a great game featuring this deck, check out my cut game vs Jonas Wilson's Hayley here: https://go.twitch.tv/videos/187967256?t=01h05m

This is standard CtM Tempo Tag. Put down Money assets, make a dirty remote with Raven and/or Tollbooth, and use a combination of Never-advance and QPM bluffs to grind your way to 7 points. Punish runners who are aggressive or fall for particularly vicious bluffs with HHN->EoI.

The other Comrades who played this deck had -2 Targetted Marketing +1 Data Raven +1 SEA Source. I think their additions are correct but these cuts are wrong. If I could go back I would cut both Preemptive Actions for these same cards. I played preemptive only once all tournament and in a meta where people aren't aggressively trashing your stuff or going tagme it's less good. Targetted Marketing wiped 3 Hacktivists on the day, one of those times naming Same Old Thing out of Maxx so it could not be replayed.

This deck defeated: Maw Val (LOL MAW), Clan Vengeance Alice, UK Hayley, Reg-Maxx, Counter Surveillance Maxx, and Comrades Hayley. It lost to UK Hayley to eliminate me from the event.

QPM is amazing, the Architect does work, and don't under-appreciate DBS.

8 Nov 2017 Cpt_nice

Nice deck! How do you feel about some people playing MCA Austerity? Why not max out on IP Block, especially with the amount of turtles around?

8 Nov 2017 BizTheDad

I also played this deck at worlds and I won every game I played with it except one where I made an illegal play and got a game loss. I beat three Shapers who had Misdirection doing exactly what @TheBigBoysaid; create a nasty remote and make them spend everything just to score a QPM for you.

This deck is stupidly strong.

8 Nov 2017 Cpt_nice

Also, how would you deal with Maw decks without Preemptive?

18 Nov 2017 Frogblast

Maw sucks and he plays two preemptives!