Rushy Rigshooty Palany (117th @ Worlds '19)

swabl 387

Standard excal cheese Palana glacier that rushes a bit harder, has a light rigshooter line in Cobra + Marcus Batty, and packs a bit of tech at the cost of giving up Scarcity of Resources. Fast Track is another Nisei MK II, Shipment from Tennin is nice with three 3/2s (FA close out or just scoring an agenda without having to commit Border Controls/Battys/Niseis/etc.), and Cyberdex Virus Suite helps land Excalibur against Aumakua and Pelangi.

Did pretty alright on the day:

  1. Beat Wu
  2. Beat Val
  3. Lost to Apoc Alice (awful matchup for me)
  4. Beat Hayley
  5. Lost to Apoc Alice again (still awful...)
  6. 2-4-1'd as runner, lost. Would've been against Val, no idea if Apoc, no idea how it would've gone...
  7. ID'd for guaranteed prizes, but won the friendly against 419

The Cobra/Batty line is cute but was irrelevant on the day and would have probably been better with Kakugos to give slightly more game against Apoc.

Thanks to @echo for the initial list which I tweaked.