*May Contain Nuts (Reading Regional 2017)

FragSpider 87

  • Foreword

Welp, this is my partner deck to the very silly 'Fisky Business III: The Last Seminar' run at the Reading Regionals. Admittedly; I had another deck lined up for my corp; a quite insidious Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power that just wasn't quite working... and somehow my insane friends convinced me to return to jank-town with Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success.

So what is the stitch with this deck. Welp; its massively un-optimised... and it plays THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME. And because of the joys of Graft; you can score the beloved 9/6 from hand. Oh-yes-indeed; an instant back-footer for any runner... when it works. Just hope Employee Strike doesn't happen.

  • Cards

Significant cards of interest are;

Graft : A good agenda already; but in this deck it is a key component for the madness. Because when combined with Biotic Labor, Government Takeover & Success you can convert that 5/3 to a 9/6 from hand. Immediate tempo swing ahoy!

Meteor Mining : Because sometimes dropping a meteor on someones head is better than a well placed missile.

Quarantine System : A staple part of any Jemison-jank, although not completely necessary in this build.

Casting Call, Data Raven & Prisec : Because tag saturation via encounter/access is just easier than traces.

Bulwark : An always potent spiky barrier, especially against AI decks. Combine with Hortum for added AI hate.

Illicit Sales : ... because I like the card art? :P Although 3/1's are good Success fuel.

  • General Tactics

Rush Graft and then subsequently score Government Takeover with the silly combo. Massively glacier up and smile as you for silly money.

Alternatively; use agendas and the kill suite for standard Weyland tag-n-bag; use orbital iron ferrite chunk bombardment should someone really hate a more conventional missile.

  • Games

Game 1: Jemison vs Valencia (WIN) - Val miraculously turned into Omar via Rebirth, but due to bad draw on their side, I managed to score Graft. Then that magically turned into GT next turn, much to the shock of my opponent. At this point, Jemison glaciered up hard, and Omar struggled. Illicit Sales scored for the final point. 7 - 2 to Jemison.

Game 2: Jemison vs Andy (LOSS) - Critical mass of Account Siphoning combined with no econ appearing crippled Jemison. A slow and painful death to Weyland as all the agendas were Medium'd away. 0 - 7 to Andromeda.

Game 3: Jemison vs Andy (LOSS) - Hoo boy; it was Security Nexus Andy vs Jemison... Had a huuuuuuge scoring window... combined with the biggest agenda drought of all time. First one who turned up was Government Takeover (?!) which was scored naturally on the table... (madness that). However, not even GT could save me as DLR ripped the R&D to pieces. 0 - 6 Deckout to Andy.

Game 4: Jemison vs Andy (LOSS) - A real painful slow death to Andy. Econ did not appear and by the time I started to get my feet, Jemison was 5 - 0 down... Alas; not much I could do but embrace the sweet dredge of Mediuming. 0 - 7 to Andy.

Game 5: Jemison vs Adam (WIN) - A corp turn 2 win; baited Adam to run HQ and the GT stored within, whilst a Battlement protected R&D. Then Agent Smith turned up and destroyed him next turn. Brutal, but alas; Weyland aren't exactly known for peaceful resolution of agenda-theft. 6 - 0 Kill to Weyland.

Game 6: Jemison vs Hayley (LOSS) - a fun game with a nicely drip-feeding runner. A good exchange of damage to steals/scores. Ultimately though; Jemison couldn't keep up the pace and Hayley nabbed the final component via the Film Critic to deny my counterstrikes. 2 - 7 to Hayley.

  • Overall Thoughts

Well; if I optimised it with less Kill, swapped out Meteors for Project Atlas and threw in Fast Track, I think this might work quite well. Certainly caused some eyebrow raises to be mad enough to run the dangerous 9/6! Constructing the deck 1 day prior to the event with little testing is probably a VERY BAD CALL.

I may tweak this over the next few weeks. Might even throw in "Clones are not People" to make this... erm... JM7? (Geddit? Jay-Em-Seven?)

~ FragSpider