Cooler SSO (3-1 - 4th Padua Regional - 2nd after Swiss)

sengir80 47

For my first (and last) Regional I was wandering for a brainless Corp in order to maximize my concentration during the tournament. :-) I tested SSO it for a couple of weeks and fits perfectly. The day before the tournament I modified it in order to minimize mulligans by removing both Crisum and a Biotic for 1 more AM and 3 Anonymous Tip, I was ok with my choice, maybe the right call is to remove AM instead of Biotic.

Turn 1 - Smoke - Saan (WIN) After a mulligan I tried to rush out some point and I scored a CWP and 2 HT pretty soon before he camped my HQ and R&D. I was pretty lucky he didn't fire any indexing before my combo turn: AT for agenda + double Biotic + RPC.

Turn 2 - Val (?) - Sid (Lose) After a mulligan I went heavy flooded, he sniff out my stinky pants and had 6 points pretty soon. I tried to rush a 5/3 but gbahali took it too.

Turn 3 - 419 - Juan (Win) After the epic runner play (see other report) I found out a good start on corp too by scoring a HT and farming 3 advanced ice with a CWP behind an Asteroid Belt he cannot stole (Punitive was waiting for it). Then with RPC and Biotic in hand I waited to draw an agenda: he run 2nd click into a 3adv Hortum that fetched 2 agenda for the win next turn.

Turn 4 - Diego - 419 Fastest game: I rushed out a HR, scored and followed by CTW with ceremony, then before he set up turtle I installed the final CWP, archiving back Dedication in order to guarantee the stole/kill next turn.

Cut - Sandro - Liza (Loss) One of my buddies, I choose the Corp side even knowing the bad matchup, but another MTI again would be worse :-(
I was very poor and flooded the whole game. He played well and burn my money at the right time deserving the win.

Lovely deck and opponents.