Apocaval (1st at Malmö Store Champs Feb 2019)

Bridgeman 2145

Won 3/3 games with this deck at the Malmö Store champs, ended up taking down Mti, Azmari and Making News, the last one was really close as I had to go tagme eventually and steal the last agendas before a Boom could be found.

Very similar Val decks have been done before, but anyway here is the deck the way I see it:

Use the threat of apocalypse to force the corp to Ice their centrals, when the corp starts to score out in the remote is a perfect time toplay apocalypse as all of the clicks spent on advancing are lost and you get to pick up the agenda from archives later.

So before playing apocalypse your goal is to get ready to be able to play it, do this by collecting cash, dumping heap breakers in the bin and getting DDos out. DDos is sick in this deck as the corp needs to either double up the defense on centrals if they want to be able to rez anything at all the turn you go for apocalypse, and the more ice they stack up before Apocalypse is played, the less they have left over after it has been played.

Once their ICE is gone you want to get rid of cards in their hand with Wanton Destuction, With utopia shard you can do this the same turn you go for apocalypse, just run HQ, install it, and pop it before accessing archives.

If you have hit a big apocalypse without some big setback it is hard for the corp to recover, pick up any agendas you can from open servers, and once ice is in place again you can start thinking about playing apocalypse again, but dont be in a rush unless you have to, the corp is the one that needs to score out to win.

The bad pub from val really helps once you actually have to interact with ice, and it can be useful for trashing Rashidas and NGOs that you access. Any additional bad pub you manage to get with mining accident is great.

I´ve rebirthed mostly into Omar in practice because he makes apocalypse easier to pull off and forces the corp to Ice Archives, but I think there is some merit to going for Alice Merchant as well, I tried it in one of the games and it felt nice to lower the corp hand count while making runs on archives, it makes Wanton even more likely to hit important cards later.

In some matchups you need to pull the trigger earlier, against Mti for example you want to start trashing Border control before they have big walls of ice.

It´s a blast to trash every single corp card!