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19 Apr 2019 N0R5E

I don't think Ixodidae will trigger off 419: Amoral Scammer since the corp is paying a cost rather than losing credits.

20 Apr 2019 Cpt_nice

@N0R5E It will trigger off DOF though. But if you're go the credit denial route, might as well exchange Abagnale for Amina, since that so triggers Ixo

20 Apr 2019 Cpt_nice

Corperate Grant also triggers it.

22 Apr 2019 CryOfFrustration

Surprised you didn't play Amina for extra Ixodidae triggers!

23 Apr 2019 dusk_

@CryOfFrustration I did in testing. Abagnale was a last minute change with little testing, but during those few test games it's ability did some heavy work against Tollbooth and other big Ice, especialy with Clone Chip around. Amina is probably the better choise.