Self-growth dodger Liza - 5th Italian National 2019

Gwendolf 14

This was my first torunament ever and the 5th place is just another demonstration of the strenght of this deck, despise all the hate every corp deck was running. The decklist is pretty standard, the only changes i made from the lists i saw was the duplication of the breakers (i was too worried of losing one by damage/sds and being locked away forever) and the inclusion of 2 citadels as a desperate move to raise the chances to get 3 resources to prevent damage on the field. The results were far beyond my better expectations but i couldn't dodge argus for the entire tournament. I faced 3 (all with self-growth) and won 1 game. I think i can be happy this way.

The matches were the following:

ChaosIsMe with Argus - Lost

Sengir80 with Argus - Win

Bigpopp with Palana - Win (an early christmas gift from my opponent, who conceded a game he could win next turn)


Baralai with Asa - Win

Top 8:

Darta with Argus: Lost