Angry Otter (Apex gets a new digital friend, but doesn't get

Your Niichan's Girlfriend 14

Ever wish our poor noodly boy could go to the store without spending all day driving?
Ever wish bug shaped robot friend cost 3 times the influence, didn't do anything for 3 turns, and didn't draw you a card?
Trying to kick a rezeki addiction?
Some part of my mind broke and convinced me this was a good idea.
Step 1: Get an otter
Step 2: Ignore the otter for three turns
Step 3: Rezeki
Step 4: Drawzeki
Once you have Poemu stacked over 3, you can start spending credits from them. You can even duck under when you know you'll be trashing other things that turn.
Once you've chewed through the whole deck you can loop boomerangs for infinite econ and twinning triggers.
You have surprisingly good chances against some real decks thanks to randomly hating on Loki, FC3, and Degree Mill.
What should you do if you get tagged, damaged, or if the corp has any plan to win the game in a reasonable time?
Probably play a better deck
I love how perfectly apex frustrates every attempt to build a deck for it and will be very sad to see it rotate out. Here's hoping netrunner keeps going strong and another decade from now some poor fool will figure out some obscure interaction to bust eternal wide open.

12 Oct 2022 Your Niichan's Girlfriend

Full Title: Angry Otter (Apex gets a new digital friend, but doesn't get what friends do, so just ignores them as they smash up its files)
Also apparently netrunner db has a problem with apostrophes in usernames.

12 Oct 2022 Cliquil

Turning a downside into an upside is peak Netrunner deckbuilding acheivements. Well done.