Dirty Noise *Nordic National Championship 1st Place*

evilgaz 877

This is my winning deck from the Nordic Nationals (63 players, 6 rounds, top 8 cut). It lost twice over the weekend (both games in Swiss), once because I made a clinical School Boy error and ran face first into a Komainu with loads of good cards, so that way my fault. The other is more debatable but I'll blog about that at some point over the coming week.

A lot of the cards are pretty standard, there are some good cards you just take anyway, here are some other comments:

I played Noise when he was rubbish. Thankfully things have got better for him. I used to run a more manual draw deck with I've had Worse and Inject, but I really hate Inject and think it doesn't help Noise at all. Street Peddler is amazeballs and won me at least on game in the Double Elimination, and helped out a lot of other times. Any Noise decks not carrying this and using Inject instead, stop being silly and taking drugs, get the hippy market vendor on side.

Rather than three Daily Casts I had two and two Dirty Laundry. I wouldn't say the latter is a key card, but it's a decent alternative to Sure Gamble as it fires for less and lets you make a run. I'm not massively sold on it, but it wasn't something I didn't like seeing either. It's just a different type of economy.

Some people use 2x Faust, Corroder, Mimic. I don't think you need that. I'd rather see a Faust earlier and use D4v1d for Wraparound. Sometimes you don't see your Mimic, but when it's kicking Architect into shape, it's great. If you'e using Faust, keep a Datasucker handy because the tokens save you cards.

One Clot is no guarantee of seeing it, but often you're going through most of your deck. You're running Clone Chip anyway if you do see it, and having one on Street Peddler sealed a game for me in the Double Elimination.

You can use Shards instead of a Clone Chip if you like, but I went for 3x Clone Chip just to annoy Dydra.

I've previously had some success with Hacktavist Meeting, but it does depend on your match up. As it turns out the RP in Nordics were using a lot of Enhanced Login Protocol, which I haven't seen in the UK for months. Even a one-of of a current would have saved me a lot of pain here, so worth considering.

Denmark is a fantastic country, full of beautiful people and Copenhagen is a delight to behold. Everyone at the Nordic Nationals was friendly and welcoming, great sportsmanship and players, and very helpful. Many thanks for Vince for organising the FFG event and Sonny for being an excellent TO - any thanks to the countless other people who made it happen!

17 Aug 2015 Aogu

Huge congrats on the win Gaz, I look forward to seeing the whole blog post card annotations & all!

One question from me: Lamprey? Any reason other than being a cheap Aesop's-food virus?

17 Aug 2015 evilgaz

Cheers! I'm not convinced by Lamprey - but yeah it's cheap and nasty. It forces the Corp to protect HQ if they're not bothering and often causes a purge if you can parasite whatever they've got keeping you out.

Any Virus would do really, but there's not a lot else at the cheap cost. I'm almost tempted by another Clot or a Gravedigger, but don't know. I don't see the need for three Lamprey, for sure.

Also, if you hit CVS or the Corp pushes the button, they die and you can't even Aesops them!

18 Aug 2015 Shunsen

@evilgaz »As it turns out the RP in Nordics were using a lot of Enhanced Login Protocol...«

Yeah, our first Noise vs. RP game was way better than the one in the finals ;-)

Greetings and congratulations Hendrik

18 Aug 2015 MrBrown

How do you deal with Butchershop, any other deck that tries to scorch you?

18 Aug 2015 Swiftie

In my limited experience against butchershop you would surgically remove key cards with imp and noise mills while taking all the money.

Well done again Gary :)

18 Aug 2015 evilgaz

@KnightMær should have killed those early Sundews in the first game! Was good to game against you. Well done on such a strong finish in your secondary game. ;)

@MrBrown Butchershop is a matter of Imping away anything they've got and hoping for trashing some of the key cards. You can try building up and not running but it's often better to get in early and see if you can clear the Scorches. I played a version with I've Had Worse in, which you can use if you're nervous. Against Weyland you generally can't beat them on money, so you need to be aggressive there too. Wyldside helps keep your hand full, but otherwise you are playing a risky game. It's a calculated risk though!

@Swiftie Thanks dude! I do wish I could match up screen names to real people though... ;)

18 Aug 2015 Dydra

That 3rd Clone Chip ... if it was a Hades Shard you might have not lost those 2 games in swiss ;)

18 Aug 2015 evilgaz

Dude, if Hades prevented 7 net damage, or trashed Sundews, you'd be right. As it was, I could have done with a fourth Clone Chip!