koga: (un)Trained Streamer - 36th @ Worlds 2020

koga 1655

There's not that much to say about this, it's a kinda generic Leela list I built a couple days before Worlds after failing to find a Shaper deck I liked that could actually work decently vs ASA (I don't like playing ProcoShop)

I didn't play Engolo because... I dunno? I like Aniccam, I think it's cool. I think spending 6 inf for it is cool. I won vs PE because of it, so, yeah, good stuff!
I could've still used the spare inf for Engolo but naaah, I want Clippy and I wanted to round out the deck with a couple Rezekis, Wheels and Deuces Wild.
I didn't know HQI could win worlds, if I did I could've saved some inf.
I also realized I really enjoy overwriting Class Acts and getting that big draw, so Career Fair felt like a smooth include (favored by the Aniccam choice), a similar reasoning goes for Falsified. Aumakua became a very natural include because of them. No Tapwrm because I expected Sandbox to be literally everywhere. I was kinda right.
I also only played 1 game with this before submitting the lists (and lost) and I think I got kinda lucky in all my wins during the tournament, so idk how good it actually is. But hey, things worked out

I ended up going 3-1 (first round bye win and two 241s played with the corp), winning vs valerian32's PE, Baa Ram Wu's ASA (spicy, but flooded like hell) and Rotage's Blue Sun, lost to Saan's SYNC.
The day was amazing, I had a ton of fun chilling with the people in the chat and with my opponents. You can check out the streams here:

You can check out my corp here!

Thanks to everyone, worlds is a big thing and I'm so happy I got this far, especially after failing miserably last year (216th) :D
Huge thanks, as always, to the Italian community (+ Kelf <3), you people always find ways to make every tournament incredible. Shoutout to @Ar00nDELL for making the top cut and to the Bologna crew for hosting their stream too.

Always be Running!

12 Oct 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Congrats on the good placing! Looking forward to checking out some of the games on your stream VOD’s!

12 Oct 2020 manveruppd

It's amazing you made 36th while streaming at the same time!

15 Oct 2020 koga

@Baa Ram Wu @manveruppd thank you so much! <3

Vods are now live on Twitch, I've updated the decklists with the links to the playlists ^^