SnareBear ApocoLat (13-4, 2nd, 35th)

YsengrinSC 604

APocolat image credit Rongydoge

I did not make this list, all credit goes to Sokka for the original deck and then the Snarebears (CableCarnage in particular) for refining the Apocalypse version. Between the two of use the deck when 13-4 (with me being responsible for 3 of those losses because my runner game is still very shaky). CableCarnage got bit by poor sportsmetal draws and missed the cut.

The idea behind Apoc was that we figured out that PD was relatively even to slightly ahead against Sokka's Lat. It had to go fast, and build a really deep scoring remote (usually 3-4 ice) which meant centrals were wide open, and an Apoc could come in and clean up. On the day I never faced another PD (though Asger/Tugtetgut's Asa is the same idea with more economic options), but the Apoc was still extremely valuable because everyone had converged on corps that were capable of building 3 ice remotes very quickly. It was also handy when facing "off-meta" decks like PE that NWE brought, and the Obs that Unband brought.

The only other notable change is adding a SMC. This helps make the Sports matchup more consistent, and gives you slightly more access to your programs.

I did a bit of a run-through of a large chunk of my games here:

Replays for some of the games I'll also link here (though no promises they'll work):

6 Sep 2022 Jinsei

You should have asked your opponents for permission before sharing the replays. I would ask you to take down g4 on both sides.