[Neo] Doll/Vial Quetzal

Baxder 66

This works well if you can mull for any combination of Vial/Pelangi/Asmund + Econ, or just Asmund and other good stuff. It's a lot of fun but slow for an Anarch deck. Getting a Cookbook down early feels so good. A smart purge can be gg if you're on your second Pelangi.

Played in the first NSG Neo tournament and went 1-3. I didn't respect EotL in the first loss, lost my Dolls to Retribution in the second and the Corp scored out before I could recover, and the third was against PE. After losing critical pieces to net damage, I got too eager when I finally recovered and got Snare!d. In other words, mostly bad piloting.

The deck is fun when it clicks, and It's been fun to iterate. Really needs recursion, though.