Apocalos 2020 - Fight Night III

manicmoleman 451

Whilst cooped up, the Belgian Netrunner group (and friends) have been playing weekly casual tournaments. As an additional deckbuilding challenge, some of us have been giving each other challenge cards to include in our decks. This week, FREDPI assigned me Tracker, so I decided to dust off my old Apocalos deck and bring it into the modern age!

I decided to lean into Tracker a bit more in this build with Street Magic, which turns out to be a good card for Los in general, letting you run with a bit of a safety net. Another fantastic Los card is Bravado which puts pressure on the Corp early and lets you be really aggressive. Other changes relative to the old version are a more flexible breaker suite, Stargate to close the game more quickly, and Swift to give you a click to do something else on Apocalypse turns.

Many thanks to pspacekitten and Cluster Fox for organising!