Midnight WU - 5th at Europe and Africa Continentals

Mortivor 82

Hi there!

This is a good example of mediocre deck that somehow crawl me up to 5th place.

Me and my good friend @emmel tested ordinary Freedom Khumalo builds, and for me deck choise was quite clear. But 2 days before tournament started I lost 5 games in a row to some tags and FA shenanigans. Deep at night I said "F*CK IT!" and we built this. Somehow it payed me off.

This deck can set up somehow reliable economy on turn one if you got Stimhack or Peace. Memory could be an issue but "Right number of NetChips" can solve it pretty fast. Sneakdoor was a tech against Station. (Met zero of them). Khusyuk to close the game. All is very simple.

Give it a try and get some fun. Stop FA and never be afraid of Hard-Hitting News (You should be, if they score out 2 False Leads).

Some examples of how this deck plays (and looses) you can find here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/691159014?t=00h24m41s and here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/691159014?t=03h51m13s

Great thanks to organizers, my opponents, viewers and especially my friend @emmel for all this playtesting and delicious food which he cooked with his wife.

30 Jul 2020 NinjaMike

As an unapologetic Wu player since her release, I love everything about this deck, I love sneakdoor, and I love how you made Netchips work.

Congrats on the great finish!

31 Jul 2020 @Bookkeeper

Seeing Wu 1st in swiss I knew I had to see this list (thanks for publishing). Now it looks... normal... So it means you had to pilot the **** out of it - congrats! I need to catch up on the stream videos yet, but happy to see you came 5th/117 with Wu!

Two questions:

1.Sneakdoor is likely to be a surprise factor card & people might play around it knowing the list. Would you change it? (if so, for what)

2.How important/good is The Artist in the list? (again, haven't seen your games yet)

2 Aug 2020 Mortivor

@NinjaMike thanks a lot!

@@Bookkeeper Thank you very much. Answering your questions:

  1. As I wrote Sneakdor was mainly tech against Eath Station but it also has some sinergy with TTW. Also this is an HQ pressure that is not really common in shaper. Some thougts about what else it could be. One card that I really like in Wu is Imp, without Film Critic its importance now is even higher. Or you can include stargate and replace Khusyuk with more draw/economy, but I dont think this is right way.
  2. The Artist is bad include from my side. It can give you boats of money but I think having second Beth (originally there were 2 of them) for reliability is more important.