Rigshooter Blues - 3rd place, Red Castle Store Championship,

CowboyTintin 216

Took this to the Portland Red Castle Store Championship today, and was able to reach 3rd place out of 8. I was pleasantly surprised with this deck. It only lost one game, and I'm pretty sure that loss was directly due to drawing 8 of my 10 agendas in the first 5 turns, and little ice and econ to speak of.

This is a pure rig-shooter. The whole purpose is to bait the runner into installing their fracters, bai/force them to run with NGO's and Agendas, and then use Marcus Batty and Ark Lockdown to trash and remove their fracters from the game. With a little luck and skill placing ice and directing the runners play, it's actually quite feasible. The recursive breakers that almost all anarchs are running these days make it even easier.

The ice suite is almost entirely barrier, in order to make an manageable target for shooting. With only barriers, you've already negated 2/3rds of most runners rig, and every time they install a sentry or code gate you can smile knowing you basically just cost them a needless click and credits. Trebuchet is the only sentry, specifically to Batty the "trash 1 installed Runner card" sub, which is a life saver against Security Nexus and other bypass-style hardware and resources.

All the ice is heavy, expensive, and usually no fun to facecheck. For this reason I selected Blue Sun, which allows you to use the ice's cost as straight up econ. Having the ability to blow your entire pool of credits rezzing and batty-ing in order to score whatever is installed is amazingly helpful and effective.

If you time your paid windows right, it's quite easy to rez big ice and Batty, trash the very program they need to break the ice, and force them to faceplant into more trash program subs.

This deck can float a large amount of bad-pub. However, it really shouldn't matter. If the runner can't get through any ice, then bad pub is useless.

As far as AI breakers go, the best shot is to just keep baiting and shooting until nothing's really left. In this meta, it's very likely the runner will just run out of recursion options, eventually, and you won't even have to Lockdown.

With three Preemptive Actions, you can bring recurse Batty and Lockdown up to 9 times, depending on which ones you want. It would be nice to have a better method of finding the Battys in the deck; as it stands you just have to play positional Netrunner until drawing your first Batty. But even so, once you get your setup, it's scarily achievable to completely lock the runner out of every single server.

Bailey, aka CowboyTintin