Smokin' Cold (3-0 @ Treasure of the Huns)

Odol 911

This is a boring kind of Smoke, with no fancy toys like Prognostic Q-Loop or Mu Safecracker. The only spice is Cold Read, that proves to be quite a versatile little card.

Imp is still the primary answer to all the corporate nastiness around, and Indexing being the only memory salvaged from the past turns out to be an elegant tool to apply just the amount of RnD pressure any self-respecting runner needs to call herself a shaper.

Thanks Everyone for a fun event!

9 Jan 2021 Longi

Hey, congrats on the 1st place. It was nice to chat after such a time. And once again I bow to your stealth prowess which never cease to amaze me.

9 Jan 2021 Longi

Btw., love the title :D

9 Jan 2021 Odol

Thanks @Longi, great chatting to you, as always :) Cheers!