Memeing Berlin (2nd place)

Labbes 384

After taking a respectable 4th place at Ulm, my goal for Berlin was to meme on CI as hard as possible (because I expected a lot of people on the top deck) and to cut CV for hipster value. Unfortunately I only faced one CI the whole day, but the three Hacktivists showed up pretty early so the meme value was pretty good for that. I played Sifting exactly zero times, which was kinda expected. I realized half an hour before the tournament that the obvious meme play would've been to cut the strikes for Rumor Mill, freeing up influence for other dumb shit and memeing on Moons even harder. Lessons learned.

Shoutouts to

-Dennis, the winner of the regional who played really clean games (I played No One Home against him. As in the movie, it didn't work out) and won quite handily against me.

-Nimer, who did a great job TOing and judging

-Curry "Curry Paule" Paule, who provided the best currywurst in Berlin and made me not starve

-Yann for not killing me while snoring

-Dome for putting up with my disappointment and carrying our KoS team as best as he could (let's not talk placements)

-the whole Berlin meta for being lovely people. The real treasure are the friends we made along the way. Even if they play ASA Glacier.

22 Aug 2018 MazeBerlin

Whats not to love about ASA Glacier? ;)