How many agendas does it take to win a game of Netrunner?

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"Alright team, you get out there and do as much damage to them as possible! I don't care if its against the rules of Sportzball you just take them out! Mr. Hendrik has paid off the refs to look the other way."

How many agendas?

This is a remoteless Sports combo deck whose typical score out plan is to biotic out a 3/2 in the early game (hopefully Luminal Transubstantiation) and then close the game by scoreing 5 points in one turn using Fast Break, Arella Salvatore, and SanSan City Grid. The typical combo turn goes Fast Break, install a 3/2, Arella, and San San (possibly that just got drawn by FastBeak), play Biotic, then advance twice, score a 3/2, install a 3/2 and score it, then with no clicks left install the Élivágar Bifurcation and score it clicklessly. Depending on what your hand looks like and how many credits you have the sports triggers can either get you the additional money to finish advancing or get you the draws to find more agendas. Sometimes even scoring the 2/1 first and drawing can find you the biotic labor that wasn't in your hand. Some people even get lucky enough to draw all 3 Elvigars and can just score them all clicklessly.

Core Damage:

You really want the runner to take at least 1 core damage, doing so allows you to score the Ontological Dependences that were otherwise just sitting there as bricks in your deck. If they are brave enough to take 2 you can start scoring Ontologicals clicklessly off the Arella-SanSan as well!


You don't have much, use it wisely. Put any FC3 you find on R&D vs anarch and shaper and on HQ vs crim. Don't bother making a remote and don't you dare install the Arella or SanSan ahead of time. Hey I see you reaching to do it, its not worth it.

Put the Rashidas on Hendricks, it's your only way to protect them and you might get some core damage out of it. A good turn is often just installing in 3 new remotes, a mix of agendas you want them to steal, econ cards, and Nightmare Archives. Once the runner is on 3 agendas the combo technically works but 4 or 5 gets you credit positive, more draw, and the ability to install Mavirus as well if needed. With the typical 5 point combo and always taking draw from sports, you need 15 credits after playing Fast Break to combo out. This can be cheaper if there are more x/2s or you can take sports money but make sure you are moneying up and are ready to close the game once the runner thinks they've finally cut through all your negative points.

16 Apr 2023 DeeR

10 months in the making!

16 Apr 2023 coldlava

Shhhhh don't tell everyone!

16 Apr 2023 Diogene

Awesome! 2 questions.

  1. Why Fairchild 3.0 instead of Gatekeeper?
  2. Was Giordano Memorial Field or Stock Buy-Back a consideration for the deck?

Thanks for sharing!

16 Apr 2023 coldlava


  1. I'm using FC3 over gatekeeper because I'm almost never creating a remote server so I'm not trying to protect an agenda for a turn, I'm trying to make centrals taxing and gatekeeper isn't taxing after you rez it. I'll very occasionally put a Rashida behind ice in a remote but really only if I already have centrals protected.

  2. I did have a version with Giordano but it got cut for slots. If you wanted it I'd probably cut the 3rd fast break and maybe the 3rd Hendrik to fit 2. Stock Buyback was never really considered because the deck is already really influence tight. Earlier versions of this deck were playing only 1 Arella but you really need to find it and it was too high variance so I don't think you can cut any of the Arellas or SanSans. Plus while this deck needs some money (15-20 is a good range to be in to combo) stock buyback is probably overkill.

Thabks for checking out the deck!

19 Apr 2023 HakenPerth

Love this deck I'm play testing this for a upcoming tourney and advice or changes ?