DoomRat 1731

While waiting for the Midnight Sun to arrive, I've found myself diving deeper and deeper into nonsense shaper decks that actually sort of work. For this weeks installment, I give you Mawven.

What Does it Do?

Install Maven. Install Programs. Install MU. Possibly not in that order. With our full rig installed we can get Maven up to strength 8, but that's rarely necessary. A more reasonable target vs. most decks is Strength 5, which takes 6 MU, usually 2 Rezeki and 2 Multithreader, more programs after that are gravy but not required.

How does it win?

There are really only two runner wincons worth playing in standard right now: Maw + DJ Steve and Deep Dive, and this deck packs both. Use Maw to pressure the corp and make them waste time defending HQ, then if they're still up finish them off with Deep Dive.

Tips and Tricks

  • I really like opening with Wu for two SMC, then play overclock to tutor Multithreader with the first SMC, then use Multithreader to pay for using the second SMC to get Rezeki. The whole evolution only costs 3 credits and gets your programs going pretty easily. Just be careful not to burn the third SMC, as you may need to it fetch Maven.
  • Don't forget that vs. net damage decks you can plan to pull back your DD with DJ when you make the HQ run. Run HQ last and you need not worry about Kakugo damaging out the DD you wanted to play.

Target Maven Strength by Corp ID

You shouldn't necessarily stop installing programs when you hit these ice strengths, but before this point run cautiously as these Corps may have ice that will cause ruin your day if you can't break it.

  • PD: 5 for Hagen.
  • Pālanā: Probably 5 for anansi. More Rarely you could need 8 for Chiyashi.
  • Argus: 6 for Archer.
  • Outfit: 6 for Trebuchet, though you may need 8 at some point to get through Bulwark. Watch your programs in this matchup, as it takes most of them to make 8 if you do end up need it.
  • Acme: The biggest dangerous ice is Hydra at 6, though you can also get gear checked on Data Ward, which will require a full rig to get through at 8.

Wrap up

That's about all I have to say about this list. I have a couple more weird shaper decks I've been playing that I might post over the next couple of weeks if I have time. Enjoy!

22 Jun 2022 ayyyliens

Any experience with brahman instead of mayfly as backup breaker? Seems it can handle multi subs slightly better

22 Jun 2022 DoomRat

@ayyyliens Tons of subs are surprisingly not that problematic. You drip a very large number of credits. Where we run into trouble is when Maven hasn't made strength for the Trebuchet or Data Ward or something and we need to get in right now, so I prefer something that boosts 1:1.

23 Jun 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Always love to see a Maven list!

2 thoughts - although both are as MU and Money hungry as each other.

Engolo over Mayfly as back up breaker option? (more permanant solution, + deals with triple advanced hortum which 'could' shut you down)


-1 Maw, +1 Stargate - probably 1 too many win cons and obv MU hungry - but is maven fuel and the dream of stargate to trash an agenda, run Hq for maw, pick up agenda from archives and then deep dive does seem very tempting.

24 Jun 2022 ayyyliens

What about compile?

You can grab a multithreader during the run pays for itself also you have some recursion incase an evil player decides to trash your maven.

24 Jun 2022 DoomRat

@Baa Ram Wu I think Engolo is a good idea over Mayfly. Gives you some outs for cases with big ice other than install 8 programs. I'll make that change I think. Stargate is tempting, but I think the MU is going to be soul crushing.

24 Jun 2022 Baa Ram Wu

@DoomRat- after playing a couple of games with the deck as is yesterday (all wins I mignt add!) I think stargate could be v. Tricky as I was certainly tight for MU most turns. I needed the 1 of mayfly both games but I think I am going to look for a slot for Engolo.

Was pretty impressed by how quickly I could spin up the engine for a maven deck tbh! None of the decks I played against were slow durdle decks either!