Return of the MaxX - 1st Milwaukee SC, Undefeated

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"lettin' all the people know that i'm back to run the show..."

This is the MaxX deck I piloted to 1st place at a Store Championship in Milwaukee, WI.

Our testing group (shout-outs to #anti-iq) had been playing what we dubbed "Control Maxx" for some time, with @Paranoid piloting it to day 2 at Worlds. This was a MaxX deck with no multiaccess, relying on Maw, Tapwrm/SacCon, cutlery, and Stimhacks to pressure the Corp in all areas. While testing proved fruitful, I had been finding that the deck had a few too many moving parts for my liking.

The night before the tournament, Zach Cavis (aka Jack Carvis) provided us with this by way of @shmeguy. The thesis statement was similar, but it was teched to beat CtM and had real multiaccess, leading to a more aggressive gameplan. I switched over to it having never played it, and it paid off, as the deck went undefeated on the day. The only change I made was cutting a singleton Datasucker for the 2nd Stimhack, on the advice of @Paranoid.

It's a pretty standard MaxX list at the end of the day. Get money, get accesses, score points.

I was extremely happy with the deck and would not make any changes.

Shout-outs to Mark Morrison. Return of the Mack is the best song ever written, don't @ me.

Happy hacking!

4 Feb 2018 rwknoll

Thanks for sharing! A couple of questions. What decks did you face on the day, and which ones felt the most challenging, relatively? Why Atman instead of some of the other common alternatives?

4 Feb 2018 Shmeguy

congrats on the win, the data sucker was a sub optimal part of the list but needed for breaking the mythic suite. If you're dropping sucker which I think is reasonable you should also cut retrieval run because it only has 1 target now, I'd get an ice carver probably to keep the event count down.

4 Feb 2018 Shmeguy

Congrats on the win @cranked. The datasucker was a sub-optimal part of the list bc it uses up MU for data folding and data mining, however it was there for breaking the mythic ice suit. If you're cutting it which I think is a reasonable call then you should also cut retrieval run because it only has 1 target now. I would probably get an ice carver in its place to keep the event count down.

4 Feb 2018 Shmeguy

lmao ok

5 Feb 2018 cranked

@rwknoll I played Rewiring CI and Builder of Nations once and CtM 3 times. Rewiring CI was probably the toughest matchup because of the clock you're on, but you can get there if you understand your outs (Atman + multiaccess recursion).

Atman is in the deck mainly to break the Mythic suite, although I did install Atman 6 to beat Archangel and Gutenberg in the cut against CtM.

5 Feb 2018 PureFlight

That Atman 6 was easily my favorite part of our games! It was a ton of fun to play you 4 times on the day - congrats buddy!!

6 Feb 2018 BizTheDad

So, with 19 events did you get Peddlers full of events?

6 Feb 2018 cranked

@PureFlight Thanks man, that was easily my favorite game on the day. Still can't believe I pulled 5 points off that last DDM!

@BizTheDad Sadly, yes. The only time it really hosed me was in a game against CtM when 2 Hacktivists were stranded on a Peddler, but it does happen. They could probably be turned into I've Had Worse but that would require some further testing.

6 Feb 2018 BizTheDad

Yeah, I've played this deck a few times now and it's happened to me almost every game. And each time it's happened the Deep Data Mining was stuck on there.