Maxximum Bitch (5th Place Switzerland Regional)

munchli21 338

Don't be discouraged by 5th place... It only dropped one game (which was so unlucky, couldn't find the agenda in 16 cards...) My CI deck faced a lot of Employee Strikes and to be honest I wasn't prepared enough to play combo 7 Penguins... So this deck though is totally self-made and it is a blast! Almost rotation safe (not entirely for Liberated Account and Josh).

Gameplan is simple... Poke around different servers, make the corp rez ice, keep them poor by Siphon Recursion Spam and amass huge amount of tags yourself (Josh, God of War, Siphon, Mercs). If the corp is playing kill or tagging pieces, even better!

You need the tags of course for final RND tear-down 'combo' Mars for Martians and Counter Surveillance. If you have Obelus on the table, you can pull that off in an earlier point to just draw half of your deck left in the process (with around ten tags you should have by now). There is an added synergy in this deck as you migh have seen: Obelus, Dean Lister, God of War, and the whole Conspiracy Breaker suite of course...

Keep them poor, run hard, amass tags, and just have fun! It's that easy...

20 Aug 2017 Cpt_nice

A tag me deck WITHOUT DLR? Take my like.

20 Aug 2017 munchli21

That's what all people say :) but it does enough damage without that one (and it's rotated out soon anyway)

20 Aug 2017 Lancezh

Best deck ever, stable ressources, sexy all around.

20 Aug 2017 akizora

So. So. So. Elegant.

20 Aug 2017 x3r0h0ur

You might find 1 severnius to be really use ful, I use it as kind of a draw filter, as well as HQ pressure without Counter surveillance. Also, it seems the economy is high, I ran 2 day job and 1 liberated in my whizz deck. I would probably cut a day job for the severnius. Mining accident is really nice for when you have to contest remotes, so I would do -1 or 2 breakers to slot that. Otherwise, it looks right on par with the shell I put forth here:

seems good, nice showing!

21 Aug 2017 zmb

Would be sweet with Dummy Box instead of Fall Guy? It's more influence, but I guess you could swap one of the Account Siphon with a Planned Assault

21 Aug 2017 munchli21

@zmb what fall guy?? i'd include another siphon right away rather than dropping one. it's just too good econ control!

21 Aug 2017 zmb

ah... assumed FG. When you go tag-me with key ressources down, rich corps are bound to start trashing your WNP and JB and... and... I played a lot of GoW recently, and even with FG and WNP corps eventually find out it is key to trash the key components of your rig. Dummy Box is good against that ;)

21 Aug 2017 munchli21

@zmbusually the cost to trash my resources is higher than the reinstall costs. So this leads more into direction 'poor corp' which in turn is perfect for game plan.

21 Aug 2017 munchli21

@x3r0h0ur Oh wow! That servernius idea is just perfect! I missed that part really after not finding enough agendas in RND! Thanks! This will be in the upcoming build for sure. I find econ just right atm but that might because not all siphons land sometimes and I would not see any martians the whole game! Thanks for helping out! Appreciate it really!

26 Aug 2017 Smirnoffico

How do you keep resources on the table?

26 Aug 2017 GameOfDroids

@Smirnoffico You don't need to keep resources on the table. You've got plenty of extra copies and Wireless Net Pavilion. If the corp wants to make themselves broke rather than letting you siphon them, that's okay too! Just install your spare Josh B from your massive hand and continue to counter surveil them.

26 Aug 2017 munchli21

@GameOfDroids that's usually not that big of a problem. with siphon spam and WNP on the table the corp is too poor to effectively trash the resources. for marcs protection just leave a liberated account with 4 credits on table. they corp normally just trashes josh (or they better should)

28 Aug 2017 JDC_Wolfpack

Post rotation this deck only looses Josh B and Liberated. Granted those are both impotent assets but do you think it could survive running Bloo and Amped Up? Granted, Josh B is important because it grants a tag and an extra click, but the Amped up could be really useful for the turns you fire the Counter Surveillance. Obelus helps offset the pain of brain damage too.

29 Aug 2017 munchli21

@JDC_Wolfpack hmmm not sure about bloo... Install cost is huge compared to what it might give and survive. Besides, as you almost certainly need two full rounds (with one Levy) you don't want to sell anything at all. I thought about Amped. Only problem of that brain damage is, it could hit your key pieces in hand and is not nearly as good as Josh. We'll see whether there is a Core 2.0 with some extra cards and then let's adjust! Until then: enjoy maxXimum bitch power!

30 Aug 2017 JDC_Wolfpack

@munchli21I did some testing with the rotation list. I ended up putting casts in over Moose due to a slightly faster payout and your cards being worth more than moose money. That was okay, but never felt great. I did play with stim dealer, and that was really bad. I'd probably be inclined to swap out the 3 Josh B 2 stimhacks and probably a Shadownet or a current. The Stimhacks are for early game pressure with conspiracy breakers as I found rush was really strong vs the deck if they could get econ and ice early.

1 Sep 2017 ff0X

@munchli21 I had the pleasure playing against you and even while I lost horribly. I still enjoyed the game. I really like the deck, thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

7 Sep 2017 munchli21

@ff0X Thanks for that comment! Man was I nervous at that table playing against you! Heard only things like (he is so strong, he was at each top table the last few tourneys and stuff like that!) It really was a pleasure to play against you and even more to meet such a nice person! Thanks a lot for that day. Cheers!