Red Coats up to Opening Moves

Heresy 2

Was wondering if there was a few glaring flaws I might have overlooked, any input is appreciated. I don't have the What Lies Ahead pack yet. Edit: took out 2 Data Raven and 1 Closed Accounts for 3 Beanstalk and a Flare.

15 Nov 2014 Softman25

Only thing I'd really comment on is the Data Raven / Closed Accounts - just doesn't advance your game enough to be worth the 6 influence overall. Might as well either go for other out of faction ICE, more economy (You've already hinted Beanstalk Royalties, which isn't really ever a terrible choice) or just....I dunno. Only other way to tag the runner is through Ichi 1/2 - which is dodgy at best. I just don't think you'll be able to land enough tags to make it stick / make it useful - because if the runner is going to take the tag from the Raven - they're probably going to shed immediately.

Seems like a pretty fun deck overall though!

16 Nov 2014 Oisin

I've played ETF since I started playing Netrunner, and I really recommend one Heinlein Grid. It is a wonderful surprise play when someone plans to click through a Heimdall or an Ichi and you give them a choice between losing a couple programs or all the credits in their pool.

The big card missing here is Ash. He's what will help score the 5/3's for you. He's unbelievably awesome in a glacier deck.

16 Nov 2014 Heresy

Thanks for the comments! I do have a blast with the deck. Indeed, Ash is a key card, but I don't have the pack yet... I thought about Red Herrings but I don't know what to cut.