LatPocalypse - 4-1 @ Crown of Lasers

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After seeing a bunch of asset spam this summer, I wanted to make an Apocalypse deck. Shocker, right?

I decided to try Shaper but nothing was sticking until i tried Lat: Ethical Freelancer. I figured i could get some mileage out of the surprise factor. Out of the Ashes was the most obvious card.

I thought this deck would be totally dumb, but i started winning > 2/3rds of my games with it pretty quickly.

I decided to make this my Crown of Lasers deck because without a cut, I could ride the surprise wave through all 5 rounds. To my great delight, every one of my opponents at one point in the game said:

"Oh no."


"What is happening?"

Not only was this deck a blast to play, but it did great at the event, going 4-1. :) My Punitive SportsMetal deck also went 4-1 at Crown.

Big thanks to @aDumbBrick and @Uruz - my Crown teammates on "Team Plural". We meant to pick a better name and ... didn't get around to it, so our team name was my handle, I guess. Sorry, fellas! I had a blast playing with you both and I'm super happy with how we did at the tournament (9th of 63 teams!!!!).

This was my pet deck throughout the summer and had some misguided detours (Hello, Swift!). @spags, @tokaru and @aandries helped me refine it and @spags encouraged me to just drop the Levy AR Lab Access that I was leaning on before the latest MWL and to just go fast. That was a good call and playing fast kept things fun and exciting.

The plan here is pretty simple - money up, get a minimal rig to land the Apocalypse and go to town. Out of the Ashes does most of the work here. It is a lot of fun to do a few runs with that and then say "Click 2, Notoriety. Click 3, Apocalypse, Click 4 run archives, GG."

In testing, I kept balancing out the number of Notoriety and Out of the Ashes. 1 and 5 respectively is what I settled on and it did a good job. The 2 Beth Kilrain-Changs were a late addition that also did a lot of lifting. While there isn't any real multi-access plan, this was a blast to play. I could try to fit in some The Maker's Eyes, but i did well by just timing my Apocs to maximize the chances I would steal something they had out.

11 Oct 2019 Uruz

"we got carried by apocalypse lat" - team plural 2019

11 Oct 2019 spags

Sick build. Well done. My contributions were minimal, at best.

11 Oct 2019 5N00P1

Congrats! Nice to see another one with this plan, I was on Apoc Wu & Murder Mirror on CoL!

11 Oct 2019 qvm

Sad we didn't get the face-off at CoL

11 Oct 2019 plural

@qvm there's always jnet.... :)

22 Oct 2019 Vortilion

As soon as you trash Out of the Ashes, the corp starts walling the centrals... :-( Its a dead giveaway of an incoming Apoc.

9 Nov 2019 plural

@Vortilion that didn't happen terribly often (surprisingly!), even in testing on jnet. Even still, the deck can get up to a good board state quickly.