Fat Wolf

Scrub! 195

Deck minimums are exactly that: minimums. The only thing stopping you from bringing more cards than the minimum is cowardice. We here in human society might look at a larger body and see failure. In the wild however: a larger body represents opulence. The ability to get what you need when you need it, fat is power.

Breaker-less Loup is nothing new but with how prevalent NEXT Activation Command is, I did not want to be completely locked out of a server. So like any uninspired deck from the past couple of years, I threw in one copy of each of the bin breakers.

Because the breakers are expensive I did not want to run out of money and so the influence has been spent on both Career Fair and Bravado. Once you have a Botulus down with two virus counters on a piece of ice, you're almost guaranteed to get in and so Bravado will pay out an extra credit.

Career Fair was there to help get your resources paid for to start your economy engine at the same time thinning out your larger than minimum deck.

I would highly suggest using Imp on any agenda you can while you have Mad Dash in hand. You have two Mad Dash and most people will not expect a second one, even if they expect the first. Taking a known safe agenda and turning it into that one extra point will help mess up the math. Do it twice and they have even less idea on what's happening.

The Simulchips are here mostly for Imp recursion, You'll want to trash any operation that will become a problem (with your Imp): Audacity, Mutually Assured Destruction, Seamless Launch, etc.

The deck could use some card draw for sure and despite wanting to fit Scrubber in (because it uses my name), maybe 2x copies of it aren't worth it. And if only ONE copy of is is in the deck, maybe I just don't need Scrubbers at all...