Hivemind on the clock ( Hivemind maxx variant )

Bl4nk3t 476

A Variant of the excellent Hivemind MaxX by Pinsel / lostgeek

The changes are

-1 Knobkierie

-1 Earthrise Hotel

+1 Overclock - inspiring the variant deck name

+1 Smartware Distributor

+1 Black Orchestra

+1 Paperclip

(yes. that means this deck sits at an uncalled for 47 cards)

I found the Knobkierie not strictly necessary and also often too expensive to be playing it early - nice to have in the late game though.

In expecting an Ark Lockdown heavy meta, I thought it wise do double up on the heap breakers which actually break end the run subroutines.

I found that actually breaking Ice with heap breakers seems to be pretty expensive nowadays, so Overclock is included as a mini Stimhack - thus keeping the tradition at least in spirit.

Smartware Distributor came in as a way to still keep gaining a modicum of income in the late game (barring Simulchip'd Fermenters). I was never sad to see it, as it installs for 0 and can't be purged. Even when it's seen drawn with only 6 cards left in the stack - unlike Earthrise Hotel.... Could live without it though - especially as it is more of a slow card and the meta seems to be trending toward rush more - would have been one of the only things keeping me in the game against a grindout jinteki I faced though (turned into a timed draw).

A second Paperclip saved me on round 4 in the swabian champ event, so I feel I made a right call there.

You don't have a contingency and still need to worry about not dying against decks with a kill plan so that's something I will remember better going out of that event ;) (got careless and died once).