No Maw Turtles

emilyspine 1406

A great idea, poorly executed. Flare into Chiyashi on a remote is pretty good.

11 Oct 2017 clercqie

Love me some Illegal Arms Factory in Blue Sun! Such a neat card :-)

My experiments with Blue Sun in a post-rotation meta lead me to the conclusion that you probably need at least 2 Audacities. It's really hard to close games otherwise.

11 Oct 2017 mawa

@clercqie or Fast Track. 2 Audacities but no Atlas is just as much an issue. Zed 2.0 is bizarre btw, can you talk about it?

11 Oct 2017 ANRguybrush

@RubbishyUsername zed 2.0 is almost certainly there to combat Maw. In this spirit, Taurus is not a terrible card.

11 Oct 2017 mawa

Well then you could even run Lab Dog