Stand on 21 (6-0 in SOCR7)

DrApathy 66

This deck doesn't do anything too clever, it just puts a lot of cheap, taxing ICE on a remote and some more on R&D, and then scores. Some games I never bothered to ICE HQ, since I was jamming agendas as fast as I could find them, and Diversion of Funds isn't really that bad while Corps are all so unreasonably filthy rich.

  • I stand by my decision to run Successful Field Test over Remote Enforcement. The only expensive ICE I'm running are Holmegaard, which you want on R&D, and NEXT Diamond, which you want on the inside so it's not vulnerable to Kit.
  • NEXT Diamond did a lot of work. It would usually fire once, and two brain damage changes the game a bit. It makes Runners install cards they can't really afford because they don't want to throw them out, and it makes them think twice about Stimhacking into your remote when the game isn't on the line yet.
  • Holmegaard is the MVP of this deck, and I think I should have run two of them. Most Runners were relying on Engolo or Laamb to break high-strength sentries, which means that Holmegaard effectively turned off Indexing. I even trashed a few breakers with it.
  • Divert Power is lovely in the mid-to-late game. Being able to de-rez Jinja City Grid and NGO Front to rez a NEXT Diamond for cheap is a good deal. It also has a beautiful synergy with Gatekeeper, Masvingo, and Marilyn Campaign.
  • Global Food > Surveyor, in this deck at least. The deck's biggest weakness is bleeding agendas in the early game. I would have lost two or three games if the Runner had found legit three pointers before I was set up.
  • 21 ICE is a lot. In early testing I was having trouble finding enough when I went down to 17 or 18, and I was a bit worried about ICE destruction. It seems like having a lot of cheap ICE that you can install for free is a decent counter to Hippo/Knifed.
25 Sep 2018 BlackCherries

Awesome deck! Your x1 Holmegaard really caused me troubles in that close game we had.

Did you ever have agenda flood options slotted like Distract the Masses or Attitude Adjustment in previous versions of your deck?

26 Sep 2018 Sanjay

Holmegaard is an inspired deck include and I hope you are proud of yourself.

28 Sep 2018 DrApathy

@BlackCherries: I had more problems finding agendas than I did with agenda flood. I had to install Gatekeeper on Archives in one game, but between Gatekeeper and NEXT Sapphire, I didn't have too much trouble recycling agendas.

@Sanjay: Thanks! I've been a fan of Holmegaard since I played the TD campaign, but for some reason it's never had its time to shine.