Reavershop - Worlds Edition

Pinsel 2567

This is the updated version of reavershop. Possible changes can be seen below.

Because NWE hasn't agreed on one final version, variations will be explained below

Possible variations

  • Creative Commission: This is a very strong econ card and kind of belongs in the deck. It can be played from low credit levels, but also locks your last click. Some people advocate for playing it as 46-49 cards, so you don't run out of econ

  • Stoneship Chart Room: This is excellent draw and tech and more flexible than diesel. The total value is basically diesel, so the second copy can be considered both for draw and tech purposes, but it comes to down to preference since citadel also protecs us from boom!

  • Euler This is an alternative for hyberbaric which can be considered for the HB matchup. In that matchup, hyberbaric struggles a lot early, but euler is more akward for 3 subs codegates without simulchips In total, euler is probably better, especially with aesops, takobi, simulchip, but we havent tested it extensively. There is also Unity as an option

  • Clot: This is for the sports matchup, which we haven't tested much in the end but it seemed prudent without stargate. This can also be another tapwrm or cleaver

Important changes to the original list are the following:

  • Citadel Sanctuary Playing against R+ and CtM, the tag removal is quite akward. This is a tech card which deals well with the ctm ability in conjunction with paricia and funhouses/dragos.

  • Gauss While gauss is a shitty breaker in general, takobi fixes the really akward breakpoints that it has with multiple barriers. It outshines propeller, because it requires significantly fewer tokens for ping and border control. being able to pay money instead of running out of tokens is a bonus. It is also great for smc+overclocking early to contest remotes. Credit goes to @Baa Ram Wu who brought it to our attention yesterday.

  • Deepdive/Tapwrm : wrm is amazing because it forces a purge, gives your reavershop engine time to breath and also triggers the reaver when it gets purged. Deepdive is there to replace stargate, which sadly had to go for influence

  • DJ Fenris: This has two modes: steve to get more econ and more NFL, simulchips in grindy matchups, and sable to support deep dive in faster matchups

I'd like to thank @lostgeek and @tugtetgut who spend a lot of time to discuss and iterate on this Wu, @percomis for keeping up intermediary changes in the previous post and the other members of NWE who have also discussed lists for worlds, even if they weren't going.

5 Oct 2022 Zerothmaxima

Ika remaining in this list instead of the much more apian Na'Not'K just smacks of the NWE Elite trying to fool the average hard working Netrunner player out of accidentally running for Queen Bee.

5 Oct 2022 Council

Bop she bop

Reavershop o' Horror!

6 Oct 2022 Pinsel

@ZerothmaximaI just want to mislead the sharks, so they don't prey on honest players competing for Queen Bee

6 Oct 2022 knorpule3000

Sharks should play Fencer Fueno though! Great list, great writeup!

7 Oct 2022 Saan

Hey! Sweet list. It's too bad that it sounds like you folks won't be able to come over for Worlds! I was hoping to see some of the NWE folks again. Hope things are going well =)

14 Oct 2022 SHIEL

I'm not really familiar with how to use Wu, am I right in assuming that you only really use the ID ability to dig for either SMCs or Harbingers to use Spec Work on?

2 Nov 2022 meta4

@Rhaplanca1001 You use Wu to get whatever toolbox piece you need. Yes, Harbinger and SMC are great targets, but you can also grab misdirection or an icebreaker, use it for a turn and then either spec work or simulchip it.