Designed in Jinja City - 4th Montreal Circuit Opener 2

Diogene 4029

Score fast and early!

I tried to counter Sokka's Lat deck, which I was expecting to see at the Montreal Circuit Opener 2 (two of the fours runners against it were exactly that).

Mulligan plan : you want Jinja City Grid.

Game plan : score behing a huge remote.

Jinja City Grid is the key to the deck. It let us get a big remote without spending clicks or credits.

The second key to any Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design deck is Seamless Launch. With 40 cards in the deck, you should get it pretty soon.

The jank of the deck is Vulnerability Audit, which let us score out with 3 agendas. Border Control will help use there.

Fully Operational act like a Predictive Planogram for us, either getting us 4 cards for 1 or 3. With Jinja City Grid, getting 4 cards means getting lots of ices.

Because we use Vulnerability Audit, the runner can score out with 3 agendas. To make the runner score using 4 agendas (half our agendas), we use Meridian. Normally it could act like Eli 1.0, otherwise, it is a negative agenda point that cost us 3.

Thanks to the organizer for the Montreal Circuit Opener 2 tournament, it was super fun.


27 Aug 2022 Weltgeist

That Jinja server was absolutely disgusting in our game. Very well played and a really well designed deck!

31 Aug 2023 rosydam

Thank you for your patience and understanding during challenging times. Pokemon Infinite Fusion

2 Nov 2023 Noah101

I appreciate your patience and understanding during difficult circumstances Immaculate grid

28 Nov 2023 alexiaamber

The way you present your plans and tactics is very detailed and meticulous. I hope that you had a successful match at the Montreal Circuit Opener 2 tournament in my) location. Very creative strategy.

28 Nov 2023 eirajeremy11

I feel excited about the way you have built strategies and utilized different components of the deck. You must have researched and been skilled in this game in my location. This is definitely an interesting and exciting match!