Fisky Business III: The Last Seminar (Reading Regionals 2017

FragSpider 87

  • Foreword

This is the deck I decided to take to the Reading Regionals. Yes, I know; I am nuts. But I somewhat have a bit of addiction to taking the more humorous or strange ID's in Netrunner, and personally; I think Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor is possibly my favourite in that regard.

I'll go and admit now; I fully knew that I would not be doing well at a Regional. This deck is a bit janky; its not teched especially against certain favourable decks currently in the meta (i.e. Moon-based lunacy in HB, Railgun, or CI7), nor is it a 'sharpened blade' to cut through most corp shenanigans; if anything its more like a Loony-toons styled mallet.

This deck, however, excels in two main areas; comedy (because flooding a Corp up to stupid cards is inheritantly funny on both sides of the table), and 'shaking up your opponent' (because in a room full of people playing mostly sane decks; its unlikely they'll expect Fisk).

  • Cards

To summarise significant card choices;

Déjà Vu : Because recuring Fisk Investment Seminar, Account Siphon or current-events is very handy.

Fisk Investment Seminar : Well, duh. Obviously a key part of your draw engine and 'destabilising' of the Corp. Best played when they are at 4 cards or higher in hand; especially if they are trying to score-out an agenda.

Eden Shard, Hades Shard & Utopia Shard : Tech to either super-flood HQ (for Information Sifting), insta-snipe Agendas in Archives, or try and ruin Biotic/Kill combos by force discarding.

SYN Attack : Handy as an alternative to FIS, but excels in the Heap due to...

The Shadow Net : Turn agendas into even more milling. Especially once you get...

The Black File : To head towards deck-out of the corp.

Logos : Possibly the best console for flexibility and 'arming for war'. Many people have been trying Polyhistor in Fisk; which frankly is a bad notion. Fisk is versatile across 3 Core servers; funnelling him into a single server only works if you get an early game advantage.

Aaron Marrón & Human First : When combined with Logos, they form what is belovedly known as 'the Holy Trifecta': gain money, 2 clickless card-draw-tag-removal and a card of your choice from your stack.

  • General Tactics

The deck has three 'modes';

1) Econ Denial: Classic Criminal; get Account Siphon and drain them dry. Very handy versus Asset Spam, NBN or Jinteki-Kill decks.

2) Mass Access: Use FIS/Eden Shard/Fisk's power and Information Sifting to grab a large chunk of HQ for usually a 1 to 2 agenda steal.

3) THE LAST SEMINAR: Play the long-game. Allow the corp to get to match point then slam The Black File on the table; then try to mill them out or go for the final hail-mary Information Seminar on HQ.

  • Games

Game 1: Fisk vs ETF (LOSS) - Grabbed an Early Elective Upgrade from a remote, but was rapidly hindered by the lack of Logos or FIS. Attempted deckout; forceably forfeiting the agenda for more SYN Attacks to no avail due to Jacksons. 0 - 7 to ETF, although ETF was had about 9 to 10 cards remaining in R&D.

Game 2: Fisk vs Titan (LOSS) - A really enjoyable game for both parties. Turn 1 FIS - R&D - Eden Shard - Information Sifting nabbed 2 Armored Servers. Managed to steal an Atlas later with a cheeky Demera sacrifice to get in the remote, but couldn't get in any more due to excessive glacier. Attempted deckout; no success. 6 - 7 to Titan, with 11 cards in R&D.

Game 3: Fisk vs ETF (WIN) - Turn 1 GFI stolen, followed by Account Siphoning to keep them poor. Sniped agendas primarily from HQ by sheer luck. 8 - 4 to Fisk.

Game 4: Fisk vs CI7 (LOSS) - Very bad matchup coupled with bad luck for much needed components. Used Black File to draw the game out, but couldn't get what I needed to deck them out (they were teetering towards deck-out; about 6 cards left if memory serves).

Game 5: Fisk vs Seidr (LOSS) - Ironically, this was versus a friend whose deck I had designed. However, I have only ever beaten that deck once with Fisk. Seidrs Moon-spam system coupled with Ronald Five practically made it impossible to deny thier tricks. Another deck-out attempted in failure; 11 cards remaining in R&D. 4 - 8 to Seidr.

Game 6: Fisk vs Biotech (WIN) - Very bold spikey deck with many 4/3 and 5/3 agendas. Used Blockade Runner to artificially inflate my hand with 'ablative' cards to pick up painful agendas like Obokata Protocol whilst keeping valued cards still in the deck. A well timed Employee Strike ruined thier attempts to score out another 4/3 with a Clones Are Not People in play, and then Fisk sniped 3 pt-ers from HQ and R&D. 9 - 6 to Fisk.

  • Overall Thoughts

Never expected to do well so I'm happy with only 2 wins, but I definitely had (and gave to opponents) some memorable games. :) I would likely drop the Plascrete and Daily Casts for another Armitage just for more long-term play and less variance (47 is always unreliable), but overall; pretty good.

And who knows... maybe I'll make Fisky Business IV: Laramy Returns for the next major competition! But for now, I'll day dream of a Fisk-based Meta-revolution*... XD

~ FragSpider

*: that's NEVER gonna happen!