Stimhack Cache Refresh: HB midrange (2nd place)

internet_potato 961

@fightingwalloon organized a cache refresh tournament, and it was a lot of fun. This deck took me to 3rd in swiss, 2nd overall. Changes were made between rounds but this is pretty representative of the deck.

I chose EtF because it has built in econ, and I had no idea what econ was going to be like at the time I had to commit to an ID. It plays like netrunner of old: protect centrals, build a scoring remote, biotic a few agendas.

Snare! was really helpful for keeping the runner from going HAM on centrals, and Estelle Moon is an incredible card in any format.

Preemptive Action and Special Report don't really replace jackson, but they provide a reasonable facsimile thereof.

This iteration is tuned for the anarch matchup (last game was against Ed Kim), avoiding low-strength code gates (thanks, yog) and swapping out Ichi 1.0 (which are not so impactful against the conspiracy breakers) for Macrophage to prevent fatal medium digs.