What about Bob?ngen [StartUP]

Late 444


Soooooo... WHAT ABOUUUUUUT Bob?ngen, you ask? Ok - I will tell you. Bobingen is a small town in the vicinity of Augsburg and Munich and one of the nicest Netrunner Players around, called DUNSCH, was holding a CO tournament - so naturally I went and came a little late, which is to be expected though 😅 that's how I roll 😂 I left home at 10 in the morning and returned at 01:45 at night so I think I am entitled to a little extra time 😅😅😅.

Anyway this is the Runner deck I threw together for the Circuit Opener in Bobingen and of the two games I played (thx odd player count) I won one and I lost one.

46 Cards? It's a thing with me - sorry... lot of one ofs? Well Luck Based Criminal is my archetype - deal with it 😉 (actually all my decks are of the said archetype). Not much to explain about the deck I guess. Try to get maximum value out of your runs with all the run based economy cards in there and try not to lose important stuff to damage, self or corp inflicted ;-) - But as a wise green goblin once said a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, do or do not there is no try. 😉

31 Jan 2023 RCG

Dear Late, enjoy your extra Deckslot.