All anarchs are a little bit criminal right? (DOF Max)

macydus2 68

Ported this from the Mars fo MaxXs deck that won a uk national not that far back, It loses tag power but you have to remember everything lost power post-rotation. It's not perfectly tuned by any means but Maxx DOF is going to be a thing likely two dof and none of the tag stuff :) Still this gets wins. I have a 419 3x dof deck i love this Maxx deck that i pilot worse is so far ahead its kind of sad :( express delivery can be anything that was theory craft thought i'd need draw (worried about dropping 2nd dof for more Rogue.) Scary part is, as i mentioned before, tag-me is suffering post-rotation imagine porting an old anarch siphon deck that didn't rely so heavily on tags ;)

Just hope they curb anarch soon but that would mean a selection of liberated/inject/ihw/bin breakers getting restriced and there is no mood for that. Just see the mood for mopus getting banned though. I mean lib is strictly better in most mu's for cash over mopus. Obvs earlier the better but tutor is a false flag. Inject/ihw vs self mod/test run is not a big deal as the former draws other econ/cards so even if you miss your card slots are much better and never wasted and that is ignoring bin breakers, that benefit from draw cards especially inject.

I get kit/invs/mopus but inj/bin/lib is a thing too but more universal (omar, kim and even quetzal/null have been strong/playable post-rotation they just don't see play because Val/maxx is better.) It is just less obvious (feels better corp side too compared to Shaper) and that is all ignoring stim which further messes the tutor argument.

Rant over. Just wanted to inb4 Diversion anarch craziness.

I just like Dof think it's important for the health of corp/runner dynamic just a shame it further reminds how op anarch are (pre/post rotation how are people not noticing that) people just got caught up on shaper before worlds that is it.