Island Warfare (3-1 & 5th @ Victoria Circuit Opener)

Sindarin 160

A fairly resilient deck that forces the runners to make bad choices. Also does well with how popular CS Zahya is right now.

Don't cut the second Psychographics. Many people don't expect it, and being able to go install Beale, Psycho, Psycho, can do work.

Maybe cut the IP Blocks. I found them entirely too porous. I might try Ping.

Also, I discovered the trick to beating Whiteblade with this deck. Have him whiff on a 12 card Counter Surveillance dig.

27 Mar 2023 Jeffrey Bosboom

Is Psychographics better than Shipment from Vladisibirsk here? Psychographics scales higher against tag-me, but it costs more than Shipment, especially if you're playing two back-to-back.

27 Mar 2023 Sindarin

@Jeffrey Bosboom I think it depends on the meta. With so many people playing tag-me Zahya (6 out of 16 in the pool), I think Psychographics has the higher potential there. But you could easily try the switch, and indeed, in a different context it could easily be the better option.