The tags must flow (Unvictorious at seattle CO)

CephalopodWizard 277

This is the final culmination of a long deckbuilding process in which I attempted to make Jinteki tags matter. The final form ends up trying to put eavesdrop on a tributary, which would be a really messed up thing to have to deal with. The grand payoff is that you can play a value End of the Line to score Blood in the Water

I bet this is a coincidence, but the draws in this deck are a bit volatile, and flooding is quite common. Even the shuffler conspires against me! Take a look at this mulligan!

(The leftmost card is Gaslight)

At one point I was on 2x eavesdrop and 2x End of the Line, to try to keep the threat of tags and punishment ever-present, but even so, it can be hard to get tributary online, as runners seem to be very cautious about facechecking jinteki ice. I can only conclude that they are afraid to have fun.

The main innovation of this version is Drafter. While browsing Jinteki sentries, I really wanted something cheap, powerful, and taxing (for the cost). I found most of the options a bit overcosted, due to the fact that they do damage. Drafter however, merely makes the opponent lose the game, so it can have 2 subs and 3 strength for only 3 credits! I have found that de-emphasizing tags and damage makes the deck better, so I'll probably pursue that in the next version. I have high hopes for Moon Pool!

29 Apr 2024 Council

Hum - no Mindscaping?

29 Apr 2024 CephalopodWizard

@Council It's far below par as an economy card, and it doesn't do enough damage to help score BitW, much less kill them. Earlier versions ran 2, but the deck wasn't capable of giving enough tags for that to be threatening, much less pressure them into removing the tag promptly.