RAM: Mushin-MandUp FA (aka:what does Haas Arcology even do?)

Tsgstarwars 155

Thanks to Niesi/LostGeek for a great tournament! This deck is built for Random Access Memories - a really cool format for which the cardpool for this specific event can be found here (RAM 1).

Thanks also to my opponents for playing against this pile of jank - surprisingly which managed to actually work a good amount of the time. (3/4 wins)

I saw that Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers was legal and a good number of the clearances were in, and decided I had to play CI regardless of other options. Then I saw Mushin No Shin and Mandatory Upgrades and things spiraled from there.

Despite the lack of 3/2 agenas, that didn't stop my attempts to build a functional CI FA deck. Presuming we can get a Mandatory Upgrades scored off Mushin No Shin by the scare of Cerebral Overwriter, we only need 1 more fast advance tool to get off a 4/2, and only 2 for a 5/3, which can be the following:

Despite how crazy this sounds, it's surprisingly consistent in practice with Red Level, Blue Level, and Violet Level all available, and Friends in High Places to pull back your Work Crews if they get trashed.

Some notable card choices/hindsight edits:

  • Janus 1.0 is solely here to be pulled by Remote Enforcement, and completely hilarious when it fires

  • Haas Arcology AI is mostly just here for the meme, but did manage to win a game as a FA tool

  • Audacity is hilarious to end the game with when it dumps 17 cards from hand

  • I tried to make Cold Site Server and Strongbox work as a click compression engine - especially with bonus clicks and/or installs to make an un-run-able server for a free agenda score. It didn't work, and moreover, not including Efficiency Committee when trying this was a serious mistake

  • 1x Ashigaru is a fantastic inclusion and well worth its influence

  • I really should have included the 1x Director Haas but I was too afraid

Some highlights:

Sadly I never did use Cold Site or land a Mushin-Overwriter

Thanks again to the TO's and everyone who played in this event!

19 Dec 2021 Cliquil

Told you I'd favourite it. Great concept, well executed well done