Breakers Are A Crutch [Startup] (2-1 @ Petrie's Startup GNK)

lukifer 996

(The only loss on the day was to a 50/50 HQ access, and to the current world champ, so I feel pretty good about its performance.)

Been honing this deck for a while, I feel it's pretty dialed in. The core conceit is that the real breakers are only there as a backup; if I have to install them, it means either I misplayed, or got unlucky. Instead, we use Mayflies, OK Boomers, and other tricks to make a small number of impactful runs.

Economy is primarily PPVP; as with Prepaid Kate, it combos very efficiently with Az's install discount.

And of course, Mom is here to help; with the install discount, she can be installed for 1+2, and then all your hardware can be installed for free! But the deck doesn't rely on her; I only play her if she shows up early, or the game look to be a grindy one.

Prognostic Q-Loop is another nice-to-have, which installs for free. In addition to mid-run Boomerangs and breaker installs, you can sometimes install on the Corp's turn, double-dipping on the Az discount.

Blueberry!™ Diesel is a flex slot, to help find Prepaids; it could just as easily be a Sneakdoor, a 2nd "Baklan" Bochkin, or another Lucky Charm to deal with Anoetic.