Issuaq was alright all along (YT video)

lostgeek 3514

This is the deck I have been playing in today's video: Thumbnail

Given that this list has gotten Decklist of the Week with 3(!) likes, I'll add some basic description. You're still more than invited to watch the video for more in-depth analysis!

Your happy path scenario is to have a La Costa Grid ticking in your well-defended scoring remote and score an Offworld Office for 3 and an Obokata Protocol for 4 using your Seamless Launch to trigger your ID. When you're not in magical christmas land, you'll need to use a lot of deception and continuous pressure to somehow add up to 7. Here, Hybrid Release is key to very flexible scoring patterns.

Draw an Office early without La Costa to get to 3 points? Score it for 2. Maybe you'll then set up to score an Obokata for 4 and be able to end the game scoring your 2/1. Or even play with a blank ID and score 2+2+3 the old-fashioned way? Your ID is there to provide flexibility. If you do not need the added value gain, don't worry. A win is a win.

Your Code Gates tend to go on centrals, where they provide early game protection and late game taxation, while you aim to rez an Anansi on the remote and use it over and over again with cards like Border Control and Bio Vault.

You should aggressively aim to minimize off-turns on La Costa. If that means leaving the Agenda in there for another turn, so be it. Also keep in mind that an NGO Front with one counter is already more than enough, if it doubled as bait for a turn. Adding the second counter costs a an 1 for a net gain of 2. If you need that econ, go for it. If not, just use the NGO for 5 and continue applying pressure to a struggling Runner.

29 Jul 2023 Morganharding

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29 Jul 2023 Morganharding

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29 Jul 2023 Morganharding

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29 Jul 2023 JackMade

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29 Jul 2023 Neemo

Any thoughts on including Trick of Light for when La Costa is generating adv counters when nothing is installed?

29 Jul 2023 lostgeek

@Neemo In the best case, you never have a La Costa running empty in the first place. With Issuaq that's easier to accomplish than ever before, as you are additionally incentivised to score without using all your clicks, so you can just immediately install the next advancable thing after a score. With how I pilot the deck, I tend to maybe waste 1-2 La Costa triggers on average, so Trick of Light wouldn't do much directly.

Actually, Trick of Light would relax play patterns a little bit and allow for some more flexibility. But in the end I don't think it is worth the slot as the necessary play pattern adjustments don't hurt you all too much.

31 Jul 2023 sunny_d

At first I didn't believe in La Costa, but after getting beat by La Costa and now winning with La Costa I am a true convert.

31 Jul 2023 kaiten619

ok if aiki is being rotate out what can replace it?