Sporca (undefeated at seattle CO)

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Since the dawn of time, players have asked: How can I cheat out an expensive breaker suite with Spark of Inspiration? The printing of Lobisomem has finally finished what Orca started, and now I had to build a shaper deck without bad spark targets. Shaper has been teased with event economy for a long time, so it's finally time to put them together, and that's how I ended up here.

Card Choices

Most choices won't raise an eyebrow, we are really trying to construct a money prison here. Money can solve all kinds of problems! However...

Strike Fund

I urgently needed another economy event that puts credits into my credit pool, and and I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one. Wildcat Strike has the dire fail case of the corp giving you cards, Into the Depths requires you to already be capable of getting through ice, and I'm already playing 3x Bravado! Getting this critical mass of "straightforward money cards" is critical to getting the deck online, and Strike Fund works. (and can move PPVP credits into your pool).

Harmony AR Therapy

This is the answer to "what if Stavrún ruins my day (which I did face), or what if I actually draw one of the breakers? It also loads the deck with more money, which has proven important. I tried compile, but wanted a bit more out of that slot. Also, it turns out that you can just gain enough money to hard-install one of these breakers, so you don't have to discard/shuffle back it back while you hope to draw another spark.

Mad Dash

It's a good card. I like to finish games against 5/3 decks more quickly.


Putting important cards on the bottom is very strong, and I don't think there's much any argument that this causes problems for kill decks. The real question is how many copies to run. 3 is definitely too many, you end up playing it just because you can't handle the existential dread of it sitting in your hand. I played 2, and it might be correct, but I wonder if it's more correct than a 3rd PPVP. I'm not ready to answer this riddle, it's just something I'm thinking about.

Why "sporca"?

Tried to make a silly pun. Turns out it's already a word. Whoops!

Final Thoughts

I'm pretty happy with this list. This is the most honest pile of money I could possibly imagine. Getting out of the "Spark of Inspiration waiting room" play pattern is probably the biggest problem, maybe Katorga Breakout is the solution, maybe there's something better.

Also, I should disclose that I was cruising the lower tables due to losing all my corp games, so the title is pure clickbait.

29 Apr 2024 CephalopodWizard

@koga Hm... good point, I should have thought of other languages.

29 Apr 2024 koga

@CephalopodWizard please never change it, I find it extremely funny

29 Apr 2024 jan tuno

sporca sporca sporca

29 Apr 2024 CephalopodWizard

@koga Ok, I'll put it back. Not the worst "whoops, didn't know that was a word" I could imagine.

29 Apr 2024 Berzelius

Perfect name

1 May 2024 SlipTheDrip

Orcaf insparation

2 May 2024 staniach21

How to face Stavka + Harfun with this deck :P? Other user recomended me to include Filip Switch

2 May 2024 CephalopodWizard

@staniach21 I did indeed face Stavka/Hafrun, and got both breakers trashed. I was able to shuffle them back with Harmony AR therapy and reinstall them, though I have been thinking that the Bahia Bands isn't doing much. That could definitely be a flip switch.