Kitskrieg – 5th Place Net Quarantine 2020

Möbius Striptease 191

Probably the strongest Kit I've managed to put together, and a credible economic engine in these strange Shaper times.

She took me into the cut of the Net Quarantine tournament but was undone by a Punitive Counterstrike from Swiftie's nasty Punitive Azmari deck:

I was two credits shy from stealing a Bellona from RnD for 9 total agenda points on the last turn, because I foolishly used a Pelangi token to make an IP Block a code gate instead of an Endless Eula I was pretty sure was protecting the server.

4 Apr 2020 MagicHead

I'm a simple man; I see a Kit and I upvote. Looking forward to giving this a spin.

And congrats on the placing

4 Apr 2020 FightingWalloon

Kit was my favorite two years ago when the game was still FFG. So sad to see how bad Shaper economy is these days.

4 Apr 2020 Möbius Striptease

@MagicHead Another Runner of taste and distinction, I see. This is my favorite Kit since my dumb Study Guide Kit from ages ago. Ankusa is some hilarious secret sauce, especially when you have Flame-Out, Pelangi, and a Stimhack.

4 Apr 2020 Möbius Striptease

@FightingWalloon It really is, hence this insanity. This deck can make a ton of money, though, and 2x Flame-Out basically gives this deck 5 Stimhacks. I definitely won a lot of games in the tournament by getting ahead on credits then bouncing their big expensive ice. I lost my final game of the cut to a lot of cheap horrible NBN barriers that just owwwned Ankusa. I may have to swap Psych Mike for Cybertrooper Talut just to deal with NBN. 4 strength Eulers and 2 Strength Ankusas make those big runs a lot more palatable, and Simulchip/Harbiner lets you keep reinstalling breakers.

5 Apr 2020 Sanjay

Inspired deckbuilding and fantastic result.

5 Apr 2020 Möbius Striptease

@Sanjay Thanks! I made a couple of mistakes in the last game, but overall I was really happy with how it performed! If Kit ever gets more influence she'll be terrifying.

5 Apr 2020 bowlsley

As a fellow Kit fan, I would also like to say that this is very good. Thank you.

(And well done on your placing!)

6 Apr 2020 Simone Suka

@Möbius Striptease by far one of the best opponent never met. To be honest all the merits of this place are yours and not of the deck. You could have played also a super jank but since you're good you would have still finished top 8!

btw why no talut here?

6 Apr 2020 Möbius Striptease

@bowlsley Thanks! Euler really makes her a force to be reckoned with. I expect she'll only get stronger in the future, since Shaper's in a bit of a strange place right now.

6 Apr 2020 Möbius Striptease

@Simone Suka Aw, thanks so much, and back atcha!

And I actually regret not having Cybertrooper Talut in here. I took it out to splash in Caldera because I was struggling with Jinteki matchups, but in retrospect I should have removed Psych Mike instead. Psych Mike is fantastic for maintaining that R & D lock, but Talut is more generally useful. Next time I play this deck it'll have Talut in it!

7 Apr 2020 Simone Suka

@Möbius Stripteasei guess the talut is good for both ankusa and euler. Ankusa for the surprise +2, euler just cus it's good tho

8 Apr 2020 Möbius Striptease

@Simone Suka Yeah, cheap NBN ice like IP Block and Slot Machine can actually be a really problem for this deck, and expensive even for a fresh Euler to break. The Cybertrooper would help with that, too.

11 Apr 2020 meta4

2 DAILY CASTS??? You, sir, are a mad lad. Nice deck btw