Mommy is still good (5-1 at BLM)

Cpt_nice 1543

Pour one out for Sunny's current

Another banlist, same old Sunny.

Sunny managed to win 5 out 6 games during Nisei's Black Lives Matter tournament, beating The Outfit, Jinteki RP, Mirrormorph, Blue Sun and CTM. The deck lost against a rushy ASA, who managed to draw all their agendas before I could pressure.

Changes this time around are the inclusion of Scrubber, as I expected some asset spam. It was the MVP against Replicating Perfection, who couldn't establish a board at all. What also helped was the second Jak Sinclair to make a clickless run on a central at the start of the turn, which makes Sundew very sad.

I also included a second Hopper to deal with Punitive decks and to make stealing Obo easier. I don't think it was ever relevant but I don't regret the inclusion. I dropped the third Daily Casts because of slots, as I felt it was the "worst" card in the deck.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise the tournament, all donators and players, and the community in general! I am so proud to be a part of it.

28 Jun 2020 adquen

Is the Cybertrooper Talut mainly for the link or is the effect actually useful in this deck? I know that Sunny's breakers are sometimes awful to boost, but paying 2 for Talut instead of paying 2 to boost doesn't seem worth it at first glance.

28 Jun 2020 Cpt_nice

@adquenLink mostly. It is cheaper than Hopper and it is a target for Gachapon. If you get it out early the boost can also come in handy although that is definitely an edge case. I like one copy but would never ever go above that.

28 Jun 2020 Aerosaucer

Glad to see you did well with Mom! I've been playing something very similar lately (about 6 cards different) and loving it. Gachapon is inspired.

but my problem is getting rushed out and not having enough money to get answers to ICE down fast enough. I used to have a great success with the deck until the new banlist made everyone pack a ton of virus hate. So at the tourney, how did you deal with those two things? I've resorted to peace instead of scrubbers just so I can have enough money to apply pressure faster without going broke. I expect a lot of asset spam but in other matchups the scrubbers just take too long to pay off, and I wish they were a card that would help me set up before I get rushed out.

Do you click for credits a lot? Do you facecheck a lot of ice early even if you're unlikely to break it yet to slow them down and give all your drip a chance to work? I've just had too many games lately where they score out behind a basic code gate and barrier while I'm trying to have enough money to install and use nexus or find a security chip.

28 Jun 2020 Cpt_nice

@AerosaucerThanks for the compliment!

I don't normally use scrubbers. They were specifically for this tournament, while I figure out the meta. They are def exchangeable slots. Gachapon does help a lot with the speed of the deck. If you still need more ice answers along with turtle/sec chip, which I find helps a lot, Injection Attack is pretty good. Or just slot Inside Job. They often try to rush behind 1 ice.

Even then, hardcore rush is your worst match up, and that's just something I have learned to accept with this deck. You trade off speed for endgame inevitability.

I click for credits a decent amount in the early game but not much later. I almost always have a way to farm ttw counters to close off the game. I do tend to forget Kati is a card, which you could def include if you find yourself clicking for credits a lot.

Face checking: NBN and HB yes, Jinteki no, Weyland depends on a ton of parameters. Since you arent very squishy it is fine for you to face check more than you would as a shaper, even though you install a lot.

29 Jun 2020 Aerosaucer

@Cpt_niceThanks for the insight! I played around with it a bit today with changes based on what you said. Adding Kati feels really good, I think I was definitely hurting for some sort of permanent thing on the board to click specifically for econ so I didn't have to always rely on new draws for money or just click for creds a lot. I also never would have thought of dropping daily casts, but replacing the 2 you had with Katis made it feel a lot smoother. Doing the math, they aren't that great when you've already got so much paying-up-front-for-money-later in the deck, but I never would have considered even going below 3 copies on my own because I just sort of default to putting 3 in every deck like they're Sure Gambles.

I've been trying it with:

-2 DC

-2 Scrubber

-1 Sports Hopper

+2 Kati

+1 Modded (should this be a 3rd Falsified or something else?)

+2 White Hat (I love this card so much I always want 3, even though I think 2 or 1 is probably more "correct")

...and so far been very happy with it. Rush is still the worst matchup, but it's been feeling like I'm able to keep up more smoothly now, even when people are piling on the virus hate.

29 Jun 2020 Cpt_nice

@Aerosaucer dropping Daily Casts for Kati is not a bad idea actually. While it is still a good card, I am not a huge fan of Daily Casts without Career Fair anyway. And it not being virtual and therefore a Gachapon target sucks.

I think Modded is good and has enough targets, but I am not a fan of playing it as a one off. I feel with these kind of discount cards, you need to play multiples. But let me know how it works!

A third Falsified is always solid, as is Ice Carver (you need one more inf tho). I have also been known to include Xanadu. It is a target for Gachapon and I have found it does a ton to mess with the corp's econ.