Gateway Only Built to Last

Tamijo 146

You have two plans in this deck. The first is to install Agendas behind your ice and try to score them. Nice and straightforward.

You have Offworld Office, Hedge Fund, and Government Subsidy giving you lots of money, alongside your ID, Weyland Consortium: Built to Last. This should keep in the ability to consistently go fast fast fast. Install and advance a card on turn one and you're on 5c, more than enough to rez a Palisade or Whitespace to keep the runner out, then finish off the 4/2 (4 cost to score, 2 points) Agenda next turn. You have two different 3/X Agendas (any 3 cost to score Agenda) which you can install without advancing on the turn you play them to keep the runner guessing.

You only want to score either your Send a Message or Superconducting Hub. If you score one of these and the rest are 2-pointers, you will hit 7 points nice and efficiently. Score both of them and you'll hit eight points and have wasted that time scoring the hub! But do keep in mind that a scored Hub means your opponent has one less Agenda to see, and that you get the extra cards and hand size, but it's not a great card, so don't worry about it too much if it ends up going the other direction. You're not too fussed about that.

You have some support for this plan in the Seamless Launches, too. You can install one of your 4/2 Agendas behind some Ice while doing something else, then next turn advance (triggering your ID) advance again, then play Seamless Launch. This whole play costs you just 4 clicks (Install on the first turn and these three clicks this turn) and just one credit total. This is one of the ways you can keep the runner guessing as to what's an Agenda and what is a Regolith Mining License. Which means it's often worth installing that Regolith behind some Ice and leaving it face down for the runner turn. If they run and trash it, it costs you a click and a card. It costs the runner a click, 3c, and whatever it costs to get through the ice! That's usually going to be in your favour, so long as your server costs them more than a couple of credits to get through. Whitespace is 3c if they don't have an icebreaker (but can be as low as 1 if they do), Funhouse costs them at least a tag (which is another 2c and a click from them to clear it!). Palisade usually (but not always) costs 3c.

That Funhouse is part of your plan B here, as well. If things aren't quite going your way and the runner seems to have tricks like Botulus ruining your "Score behind ice" plans, you can start to apply pressure with tags. You have Public Trail to back this up, and if Retribution can buy you just a single turn where they can't get through your Palisade, Pharos, or Ballista. Follow that up by installing and advancing Orbital Superiority on the same turn. Next turn you can triple advance your Orbital Superiority and drop some missiles in their general vicinity for the kill!

There's a small trick here which I think is also very cool. If your opponent seems to be discarding their icebreakers, or is giving you Conduit-based problems to solve, you can use Seamless Launch to score the Orbital Superiority in a server with Malapert Data Vault. Your opponent is now tagged, and Malapert will go and fetch you a Retribution that's all set up and ready to go.

Runner rigs are built to be smashed to pieces, this place is Built to Last.