Laser Biotics (20th LaserRunner, 1st Gent GNK)

ayyyliens 537

CI dead? I think not!


Won: Val, Omar, Silhouette, 419

Main event

Won: Geist, Geist

Loss: Val, Smoke, Ayla, Max

Side event

Win: Val, Sunny

Loss: Adam, ...

Suffered from terrible agenda flood all weekend long, will tryout attitude adjustment!

25 Nov 2018 Slowriffs

Awesome deck!

26 Nov 2018 Severijn

Ark Lockdown to say no to Clot?

Nice list. Surprised that you'd get flooded with cybernetics court. Any thoughts on including Restore?

26 Nov 2018 Urziel

Custom Biotics: Engineered for Success is the worst ID in the game (it's just an opinion), so seeing something crafted out of it was rather surprising. Funny fact - you don't need to worry about Employee Strike!

Deck looks OK, Cybernetics Court + Ultraviolet Clearance / Violet Level Clearance is a wonderful combo, if only IQ would be around!

Have you considered adding Drudge Work to avoid the problem with Agenda overflow? Same for Preemptive Action with Archived Memories this can help a lot, even if you have two cards instead of three in the deck - so you can drop one Dedication Ceremony and/or one Reconstruction Contract.

In short:

  • Looks fine!
26 Nov 2018 ayyyliens

@SlowriffsYou know it

@Severijn Usually for clot, or bin breakers to gain tempo. On stream I tried to exile paperclip and score behind a vanilla but he installed Atman, o well. 9 hand size is not enough when you keep drawing aggressively with jeeves and clearances. There is a reason why this was played out of CI in the first place :p

@Urziel It needs some agenda control, Attitude Adjustment looks good, It draws 2 cards for 1 click and you often gain your money back. Probably will have to go down to 2 reconstruction contracts. Never ever cut the ceremonies, you will regret that. Also swap out vanilla for Eli's. I also have to rethink the agenda suite because elective is rotating.

26 Nov 2018 rex_monolith

Probably a daft question but why reconstruction contract when you have no cards that deal meat damage ?

26 Nov 2018 ayyyliens

@rex_monolith You use dedication ceremony on the reconstruction contract to gain counters instead of dealing meat damage. This way you can fast advance a 3/5 agenda from hand