"Lone Gunman" (7-2 Worlds)

greyfield 3908


The truth is out there.

Came within one two-for-one win of getting into the top 16; Omar won his game, just not at the right time.

I think I counted five “wait, Omar’s your starting ID?” reactions over the weekend. He’s good. Too bad Sportsmetal couldn’t hang with Engolos.

W vs PE Show of Force.
W vs Skorpios Salem (@MrEhjiwurth).
L vs Acme Glacier (@raphaeln).
L vs Argus Surveyor.
W vs AgInfusion (@qvm).
W vs Saraswati Glacier.
W vs Palana Glacier (@analyzechris).
W vs Mti Glacier (@crithitd20).
W vs CTM Kitties (@TheBigBoy) (2-for-1 scoop loss)

Thanks for the games, all.

10 Sep 2018 Clamatius

What ID did you usually DJ?

10 Sep 2018 greyfield

Steve. Always Steve. I brought a Kabonesa just in case gearchecks went bad but never chose it. Steve gives you so much economic staying power it’s silly.

11 Sep 2018 Havvy

Really liking this deck! Out of interest, you reckon you could go down to 2 of each breaker?

13 Sep 2018 greyfield

You could. But every time I do that I never draw a breaker and die to rush; unlike Val, which can lean on Aumakua, we don't have the extra influence and thus extra breakers are important. (You could trim an MKUltra, perhaps.) As it happens, three copies of breakers saved my butt against Skorpios.