[STARTUP+] Punitive Spike Fork

Larrea 47

Part of a series of 15 decks made as an introduction to Vesper's Startup Plus format where you can bring one Standard card and one Standard ID into your startup deck. This time, It's Azmari importing Reeducation.

Azmari was banned in standard for a while, the Identity being an economic powerhouse, and while we don't have enough tools in startup to make it pure glacier, azmari can KILL in startup.

Here's how it works: Reeducation+ Neurospike kills your opponent. Always. Use the economic advantage of an ID that drips two credits every turn to treathen Punitive Counterstrike Kills while you're setting up the combo.

Use Archived Memories as a second Punitive or as a way to recover a neurospike. Be aware that you'll need an extra click to play the neurospike(s). You'll need to use SanSan City Grid to save it, or spread the play across several turns.