Score quick / Score slow [4th NYC Startup CO]

em-crabtree 82

This is a fast-advance / never-advance hybrid sort of thing. Drop assets onto the board, spread some counters around with Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions, then surprise your opponent when one of those assets turned out to be a Bellona, or you flip an unadvanced Vladisibirsk City Grid to launder Seamless Launch into a regular Fast Advance. Urtica Cipher protects the Vladisibirsk City Grid and punishes the runner for guessing wrong, causing them to hesitate at the wrong moment.

Things get a bit shaky if you can't find agendas or the Runner is able to make enough cash / eat enough damage to trash everything

I went 2-2 in swiss, and my two victories came thanks to opponents misreading a Bellona as a trap. The newness of the ID certainly played in my favor.

Tweaks are certainly necessary but the plan is less obvious than with my runner. Better ice like Akhet? A Seamless swapped for a Trick of Light to diversify your scoring options? Backroom Machinations as tag punishment if your opponent decides to ignore Funhouse? Drop the Remastered Editions (which were never scored) for another Cyberdex Sandbox or some more-easily fast advance'd License Acquisitions?

Congrats to @skry, and thanks to @kysra for TO'ing!