Being in Swiss is enough (Top16 Euros '20)

lostgeek 3514

What do you do, if you expect to go into a field of a lot of Criminals? The common answer seemed to be "go fast" with Outfit and Titan alone making up a quarter of the field.

I knew, I couldn't play the cut anyways and felt a bit adventurous, so I decided to follow a hunch and build a Jinteki glacier that could stem the flow of endless Tapwrms and Aumakua. With Asgers Mirrorbox list showing good results, if you were able to actually find Jinja City Grid and score the first Cyberdex Sandbox to get the ball rolling. Every Cyberdex Virus Suite becomes a huge tempo swing even in the matchups, where the runner is not playing any virusses.

That was where I remembered Antons Palana list from Worlds '19. La Costa Grid is a good basis to score 4/2 agendas or make the Runner spend a lot of money to trash it on a run on your scoring remote.

The ice suite has gotten quite a significant upgrade with Engram Flush and Macrophage, which are really well positioned against Amina and Engolo. Macrophage can help you get rid of Tapwrm and becomes a must-break once you scored your first Sandbox.

The agendas enable two completely separate lines of play, depending on what you draw and how fast the runner is able to set up. There is the classic rushy line of rushing a Nisei MK II early and using that EtR effect together with Border Control and Bio Vault to overwhelm the runner in the mid-game for a fast 7 point score.

The other line revolves around scoring an early Cyberdex Sandbox instead. Now you have a good economic basis to play the longer game. Build your Data Loop remote with one or two EtR effects and no one will be able to steal your winning Obokata Protocol from there. The ice suite is porous but very taxing and a few EtR effects on key central runs is often enough to secure a win.

The deck felt very solid on the day winning against 2 Leelas, Ken Tenma, Freedom and Adam, while losing against a 419, who found the winning agenda, while I was trying to rush out with porous centrals and an Adam, who overwhelmed me with efficiency, while I had a somewhat flooded HQ.

Thanks for everyone who was part of this exciting Saturday. I dropped out of the cut for personal reasons, but am still very happy with this result. Congratulations to @ChrisFerg for taking down the cut!

6 Aug 2020 adquen

I'm not a huge fan of Data Loop decks, so I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this. But I have to say, it's really fun to play. Thanks for sharing it :)