Runner Ayla Deluxe (4th King of Subways 2018)

YankeeFlatline 225

This deck is a non-CR version of my successful CR deck that did not perform as well at King of Subways, going 2-3 on the day.

It got out-rushed by Titan, flatlined by a Stinson/Econ Warfare/Punitive Combination out of CI, though he had to think about whether or not to let me excess the first agenda he tried to score out, and then got flatlined by another CI when I forgot you had to play Mad Dash to make the run and flattened myself against a quad-advanced trap. I had to get up at 5am to go to this thing and my energy levels were a little low at that point.

It beat a Skorpios deck by snagging 4 points off R&D with an early game indexing, getting another 2 points out of HQ, and then building up enough board state to hit R&D repeatedly. Getting 6 points against Skorp is a pretty good place to be since that turns off the Hunter-Seeker threat pretty adequately. Also beat a Builder of Nations deck by stealing 7 points in a run with an Indexing/Maker's Eye turn through a Colossus, which is a pretty good ice on a central otherwise but doesn't do much to deter game-winning runs.

The idea is to have more early-game threat than regular Shaper decks, perhaps at the expense of the late-game threat. The deck is particularly built to be able to lose cards in a pretty happy-go-lucky away against Obokata decks, which I saw none of at the tournament. Real fun games against great opponents, 10/10 event would go again.